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Mar 23, 2010
This is an issue I've been having. I can be in any of a number of apps, and when I hit 'home' or back out of it, 20% of the time I get the white HTC evo screen and then it will redraw as if i had rebooted.

I'm currently backing up in anticipating of doing a factory reset to see if that helps, but would love to avoid the hassle if I can figure out whats causing this beforehand.
I have had that happen after exiting out of Titanium Backup after doing a large backup, but other than that I haven't experienced it.
i did a massive restore as well this last time. this is what im going to try. after wipe/flashing, im going to install just apps and not data, and only in batches of about ten.
I have the same problem. But for me its after I use ATK to kill a few services. No idea why.
This issue is caused by task killing. i haven't isolated the app(s) that is being killed, but it only happens when I manually kill all of my non-excluded apps.

Here's what I know: I have a task killer built in to System Panel, but I rarely use it. I've noticed that there are a lot more android- and htc-specific processes that appear in my list. I've added those to my exclude list to be safe. I try only to kill the apps I downloaded and install, and even then, it's rare that I would need to. Still, when I've done a blanket "kill all," and I hit the home button, I get the HTC splash screen and then the "loading" window.

It's the only time that happens for me, so I know it has something to do with me ending a task that I shouldn't have.

I'm pretty sold on the belief that task killers are unnecessary and possibly counterproductive, especially with Froyo. If you use one (and they have their uses still), you should disable auto-killing.
i have seen this same issue on 2.2 and i do not use task killers. i did a hard reset yesterday in hopes of fixing it. so far, i have not seen sense restart but i haven't used the phone much since the hard reset. i'll let you know if i do see sense restart again.
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thanks hperry

novox, i have a task killer but its set to exclude everything, its only there for runaway apps
Yeah I've been having this issue a lot; logged on to search this exact problem, even.

Using Neophyte 1.7.1.
Had Advanced Task Cleaner installed but just uninstalled it.

Will report back if I keen having the issue post-uninstall.

Edit: Haha I uninstalled ATC, pressed Home and it did the white HTC screen > loading screen...
The only way a task killer would cause this problem is if it's killing Sense, the launcher or a core android process.

Even such, if you use the built in settings to manually stop service on sense and android core processes, then hit home it still won't redraw.

So the problem likely is not your task killer, though you should still not use one. The problem is some app is misbehaving, sucking up way too much active memory then when the system tries to dump that app and load sense and the launcer in, it is short so it soft resets and redraws. You need to diagnose your apps.

Maybe everyone experiencing this issue should share app lists and find the common denominator. Or download Spare Parts to identify the issue.
Did a factory reset to no avail. Happens on both HTC Sense and LauncherPro. I'm familiar with Spare Parts. What would I be looking for? CPU or network usage?
Did a factory reset to no avail. Happens on both HTC Sense and LauncherPro. I'm familiar with Spare Parts. What would I be looking for? CPU or network usage?

I would think CPU Usage. Or memory categories of some kind. I can't remember the exact options.
Hmm my phone has gotten to the point where it goes to the 'Loading' screen every time I press Home or do something like try to apply a wallpaper, now...

Astrid Tasks was FCing a lot, so I uninstalled that. No change it seems.

Just realised I can't change the wallpaper (is the live earth live wallpaper atm). If I change it, I get the white HTC screen, loading screen, then the old wallpaper is still there...

Going to try a reboot to see if that changes anything.

Any ideas? Or what I should be looking up in Spare Parts?

Under Network Usage > Total in all time > 'Media' is a full bar (blue), then next is Gmail at maybe 20% of a bar.
CPU Usage only has a few things, all of which have minute bars, just a mm thick.

Any help would be appreciated!

Running Neophyte 1.7.1.
my homescreen is filled with widgets. going to remove them 1 by 1 to test. thanks for the tip EM
I have been experiencing the same thing and happened to catch it on LogCat while taking some screen shots. I was running Dolphin HD (same version as before 2.2 update) and pressed its Exit menu selection. White HTC, Loading... If someone more knowledable than me wants to look at this, I have attached the LogCat area where you can see Dolphin and WebKit (the browser engine) running, then the following line seems to be where Dolphin (TunnyBrowser) starts exiting.
09-02 10:38:42.095: VERBOSE/TunnyBrowser_v2.3.0(14499): [BrowserActivity]BrowserActivity.onDestroy: this=mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser.BrowserActivity@45e60050
The max 56K attachment size limited what I could post. Is there anyone who can grok this stuff?


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ive had maybe two home screen redraws in the past week since using auto memory manager. normally id get 9 to 10 each day. my issue is resolved since using it.

i think the root issue was the large amount of widgets i have, so hitting home would cause a major issue as it tried to populate all the widgets on all 7 screens. But auto memory manager has basically made it a non-issue
So far the frequency of Sense restarts have been drastically reduced. Now I'm really beginning to suspect the Android OS of killing HTC Sense to get RAM. Thanks for the pointsr to this tool.
Too bad, they're back. Seems like on some days I hardly have any, on others they are just about every time I "go back" to Sense. This is really ridiculous. I've already read several accounts of people given the usual "factory Reset" instructions, for whom the problem did not change after doing so.

This is such a recipe for old wives' tales. I'd like to know the true cause, and have it fixed. I should not be able to install anything that would destabilize the most basic operation of my phone!