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AT&T Galaxy S II Root Job Gone Bad, HELP

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bob Foster, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Bob Foster

    Bob Foster Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I don't know what I'm doing with rooting my phone but hopefully someone here can help me.

    I didn't understand the root instructions very well (Ya stupid me) and temporarily bricked my phone because after the reboot I got the evil yellow triangle and could see the options you get with clockworkmod, but none of them would respond. I also probably screwed up even more by downloading the popular ROM manager.

    Next I reconnected my bricked phone to my PC and put the phone in download mode and used PDA to reinstall the stock kernel which I saved earlier and the phone works normal again, but still has all the installs from the root process in "about phone" which are:

    Android Vs 2.3.4
    Base band Vs 1777UCKH7
    Kernel Vs
    Build number UCKH7

    So am I still rooted or not?

    The reason I wanted to root my phone was because I was angry with Samsung and AT&T because part of the reason I bought this phone was for the NFC feature and wanted to use Google Wallet. I also read where rooting the phone improves battery life and I could get rid of all the bloatware AT&T stuck me with.

    Currently in my software list I still see I have Superuser and the ROM manager. Now when I go to the boot option where you hold the 3 keys down now I no longer see the options I should with clockworkmod installed properly but that folder is still on my phone.

    So the bottom line here is, do I start all over again and if so how do I do that or am I just missing a piece of the puzzle? I think one mistake I accidentally made was using the ODIN 1.82 instead of the 1.85 but when I used PDA the 1.85 would bring the PDA screen up for just a second and disappear.

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  2. kronie

    kronie Member

    I am no expert and have only rooted my phone once a few months ago. BUT if you re-flashed the stock kernel then I dont think you are rooted anymore. Thats how you root these phones is with an altered kernel. You may still have the SU and ROM Manager but they probably dont work. you could DL titanium backup and see if you can remove a bloatware app?
  3. You can order a dongle jtag that boots and resets your phone and it will remove the triangle and should get it back all set up.
  4. Rolex81

    Rolex81 Newbie

    The triangle just means you tripped your flash counter its not going to harm your phone in any way

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