Help AT&T S3 Gallery Problem


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Hi there........

This is my problem.

When i open my Gallery app, it shows all my folders. There are 3 "folders" that contain only 1 picture each. I can not for the life of me erase these 3 "folders" "pictures".
I have erased the cache and the data in the gallery app and they go away but soon come back. This tells me they are being synced OTA.
I shut off the Picasa sync and they go away. I log onto my web Picasa account and they are not there to erase. Just my regular Picasa account pictures which i would prefer to sync.
Does anyone know where these files are located? I have searched my phone both on my phone and attached to my PC and they are not to be found. Again, a clue that they exist OTA only.

Thanks for any help you can give.



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Nevermind :)

Found how to do this.
I went to Google+. Scrolled down to the Photos tab then selected Albums. There they were. VERY strange. Must have had something ticked when i sent those pictures to someone? Anyhow, they are now gone.
I have re-synced Picasa and they no longer exist. I guess Google is more complex than even they are aware

MERRY Christmas and Happy Holidays to all :):):)