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backing up mp3 playlists

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by monsieurms, Sep 24, 2011.

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    I see a variety of threads on this and lots of issues. I'm not sure I had any clear answer or what the latest answer is! I'm using Sensation and its native music app.

    I see that when I create a playlist or edit one on the phone, it disappears. I have no idea where they are stored or how to back them up. Hopefully there is an answer to that. (In some ways my phone is so far advanced over Palm's old OS that is seems like a whole new concept. In other ways, it seems quite primitive in the ability to do basic chores that I once did easily and took for granted.) :eek:

    Also I saw one thread from an app developer recommending his own app for this reason. While I'm not per se averse to downloading yet another app, there is a limit to how much space and redundancy the phone can handle. If there is an app out there that does this, will it do anything that the current native/built-in app doesn't?

    Thanks in advance.



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