Help backlight not working on bottom hard press keys


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Dec 7, 2009
A backlight used to turn on for the bottom hard press keys on my dx but ever since I downloaded and installed the live wallpaper panoplanet, they don't turn on anymore. I don't know how or even why a live wallpaper would turn off backlight settings for the keys but its becoming a major inconvenience. I checked the settings but couldn't find where to tweak backlight settings. I also rebooted the phone and did a soft reset but that didn't work. Can anyone out there help a brother out?
Its working now :D. I did a few google searches and read that the dinc has a sensor on the top right corner that controls the backlight so I thought maybe thats the same case with the dx. So I just took my case off and put it back on and voila the backlights are on now......only they won't turn off anymore :D. But I don't really mind id rather have them on all the time than not on at all. How much battery do these backlights eat up?
I had the same problem and there is a sensor in the top right side of the screen itself--if you have a cover, take it off, clean the area on the screen that corresponds to the hole in your cover, and you should have fixed the problem. Just a dirty/greasy screen. : )
On my X the hard key lights wont turn on at all most of the time. I have no case on it. I have to power it off to gt them to turn on. Anyone else having this issue?
I started to have this issue as well after the gingerbread update. It is very inconsistent as to when the lights turn on.

Looking at the light sensor value (using Elixir) I did notice it had a high value in a dark room. After I turned a light on/off if did drop to a lower value and the backlight came on.

I don't know if this is the sensor logic or Elixir not updating, will have to try with another app.

It is very frustrating since I end up pushing on the edges of the buttons half the time which does not trigger them.