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battery life /CPU

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sparky_rad, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. sparky_rad

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    hi ppl
    my s4 is rooted and I have 2 apps one is opg pro battery app full superuser permission other no frills CPU. the questions I have are which is the best settings for governor and clock speed so I can get best saving without jeopardizing performance? If you can please explain to me in kid friendly terms what each of the governor settings do used for I'd greatly appreciate it also what i/o settings do(cfq noop deadline). I have other battery apps as well (battery Dr green power premium but is there one that latches onto Rom and kernel with not running in background?
    also if I keep the stock powersave on that's with mini would this drain battery more?
    I was looking around forums before bed other night found info on this but can't remember where. please direct me through this post to where or if you can help me here or Facebook (sparky B sparky) or email sparky_rad@yahoo.ca it would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks for all who read this thank you ahead of time for those who helped

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