Root Battery status shows charging when not plugged in


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ok long story short i flashed stock ++ and lunar just to try those roms out. everything worked well but just wanted to go back to my monster rom i did everything right and restored my backup. now my battery is always "charging" and its not even plugged in. i wiped and i restored again, i formated system and data, factory reset and even wiped battery stats.

its not a big deal but it just shows charging when its not. The good thing is it does charge and on usb. data/3g wasnt working for me either but i wiped everything and restored my backup and now its good.


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damn how do i fix this!! lol. maybe it stayed charging because it WAS charging when i did all that flashing and then i returned to my nandroid??


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i charge my phone ALL the time when doing a backup. The brightness in recovery is all the way so why not..
Never happened to me. And HOPEFULLY Never happens..