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Bedside (Night Clock): The Perfect Nighttime Companion

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by therealjorge, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. therealjorge

    therealjorge New Member
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    Most people would probably have to revisit their memory archives to recall the days of the now-almost-extinct 'clock radio'. Once a household mainstay, clock radios have been replaced by the less-bulky, more-convenient and more-functional mobile phone. These phones tell you the time, play the music you want to hear (commercial-free) and, well.....do everything else a phone can do.

    Even as a faithful, lifelong clock radio user, it didn't take very long for me to ditch mine after acquiring my first cell phone. And while I never missed it too much, I did eventually miss having those giant numbers nearby to tell me the time without having to move a muscle. Enter, Bedside.

    There are many clocks available on the android market, but none of them offer the extensive functionality and customization that is available through Bedside. The moment you open the application, all sound and vibrate notifications are turned off. Of course, text-addicts who want to be alerted to incoming late-night messages have the option of leaving these notifications on. With the latest update, users are also given the option of adding specific contacts to a 'whitelist', so that if they receive a call or text message from that particular individual, the ringer will be activated. The main screen displays the time with large numbers, just like those good old-fashioned clock radios. It works perfectly in portrait or landscape mode. Additionally, the date, day and battery status are displayed in the top corners. At the bottom, you will find a row of four customizable 'shortcut' icons which can be disabled altogether if you wish. When selected, these icons take you directly to any application of your choosing. As an example, I have assigned Flashlight, App Alarm Pro, Pandora and Handcent SMS to mine.

    Customization is seemingly limitless. Virtually anything you want to change can be changed, including time format (12 or 24 hours), date format, fonts, and text or background colors. You can also change the brightness of the display, or even schedule it to become darker at night and brighten up in the morning when it is time for you to get up. There is also an option to automatically open the application when it is plugged in and to close it when you disconnect the power.

    The latest update also features a widget which allows you to enable 'Bedside Mode' without actually opening the application. This means, it activates silent mode (except for white-listed contacts) without actually opening the night clock.

    The developer, Daniel Velazco, has indicated that he is already working on bringing some additional outstanding features to Bedside in the near future. Some of these soon-to-come features will include Weather, screensavers, new fonts, better implementation with the default alarm, and different profiles.

    Final Verdict: Bedside is currently available in the android market for $1.99. Considering everything that is offered with the application, it is well-worth the asking price. The developer is also incredibly easy to reach, which is an often-undervalued aspect of a paid application. This application is a must-have nighttime companion.


  2. igzekyativ

    igzekyativ Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2010
    can you please make it so your photos are not next to each other (press "enter' after each link/photo).. makes it impossible to read what you wrote
  3. Cajun83

    Cajun83 Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2010
    Marrero, Louisiana
    Holy widescreen batman!

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