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Jan 14, 2011
I gave my old S9 to a close friend after resetting, wiping it and getting an ultra cheap data plan, and a charger.

My friend, 70 years old, not a complete luddite, but absolutely amateur with anything involving a touch screen, is having beginner issues with android, and I mean real beginner, like holding his finger down too long when he should be single pressing, and getting lost between the home screen, and the apps drawer.

I am teaching him about texting, mobile calling, and email, but his real problem is navigating the Android platform in general.
I was wondering if there was a video online that didn't have set up (I already did that for him) but just focused on ultra basic, how to hold the phone, how long to press for, turning pages, and understanding "search" field, (often indicated by the magnifying glass icon) and the "send" buttons (The blue arrow for email and plain black arrow in text apps) like a really basic tutorial in the "Explain it like I'm 5" category for first timers.
Any help much appreciated!
I did, but for my tech-challenged friend, videos like this,
are 90% unusable information. they still learning to swipe, and how to not old down your finger too long.
I'll keep looking. Maybe I'll download one and edit it for him.
There will be no videos that will be good as far as learning how to interact with a screen on an Android phone. It just takes practice and experience. The more they play worth the phone, the better they will get.

You can simplify the screen to show only the apps that your friend needs to make things easier.

Also I would look into getting him a stylus. It's what my mom uses on her tablet and phone.
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Is there a game, like Solitaire or Mahjong or whatever,that your friend likes to play? There's likely to be an equivalent app you can install for them. The point being, if it's a game they enjoy playing sitting at a table, it will be something they can get comfortable with on that S9. A big part of they're getting used to doing things like basic taps or long-pressing to drag and drop stuff is they're thinking about what they're doing too much and getting hesitant. They need to just get used to using a smartphone touchscreen as part of their muscle memory in their fingers (or a stylus), and having them must play a game they like is a good way to just get more comfortable with a touchscreen. Be sure to emphasize that they shouldn't rush things or feel self-conscious about this, we all learn at different levels and have different strengths and weak points. If it takes them a week just playing games on their phone that's fine, or a couple of months that's OK too. Stress that there is no need to be too anxious to learn everything at once either, smartphones are pretty complicated so taking in too much too quickly can make the whole thing more daunting than it needs to be.
Once your friend does get to that stage, then it's a good time to sit down and be more involved with configuring more specific apps, services, and such.
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Well, so much for my plan to save the world.
After one day, my grumpy friend who is always complaining about "being out of touch with the world", has called it quits and insists on giving me back the phone.
Thanks you guys for helping.