Best Linux distro?


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So android on my esteem is based on linux right? i decided to get linux on my laptop because it cant really run windows 7 right.
its an oldish tobisha satellite with amd cm-50 1ghz and 3 gigs of ram.
i know i dont have a beast lol.
anyways, i want my fellow esteemers to please help me get the best linux distro for my laptop based on speed compatibility. or just any linux you guys like the best. i really want flash though. also want it to make themes for the esteem.


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Go for Mint, Main Page - Linux Mint
Ther when you are more comfortable with Linux you can use DSL (Damn Small Linux) which is less resource hungry.

Flash is not an issue and is easy to install, if not install by default on desktop distros.


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You might want to look at Vector as it runs well on anything and PCLinuxOS is considered to be very newbie friendly.

Arch is my primary os but you might want to get comfortable with linux before trying it :)

Chakra is also worth a look at as it is an easy to install fork of Arch.


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Was on Mint but, went to Artist then Fedora then Pinguyos and didn't like it and switched to Xubuntu and its pretty sweet been running it for a while now. I might go back to Mint when they update it again.


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I use Mint 13 cinnamon on my new desktop (dual boot Windows 7), a 2 year old distro of PCLOS on a 4 year old Compaq laptop (3 gig ram, dual core, dual boot Vista), and Ubuntu on the 10 year old desktop (1 gb ram, intergrated graphics, dual boot XP) that I keep in the spare room that I let my sisters kids use when they come over. It's great that I don't have to worry about them downloading some malware when I'm not looking. Linux will really inject new life into an older computer. I've been using Mint since I built this current PC a few months back to give it a try after having used PCLOS since 2007. I'm loving Mint and am probably going to stick with it. There are a few minor annoyances like the way you set up the time and date display but a quick Google search led me to page that let me copy and paste the code to get it to display the time in the nonmilitary 12 hour format I like. What I find amazing is that most distros will recognize just about all of your hardware without you having to do a thing and yet Windows (especially Vista) needs you to supply a driver for just about everything after a fresh install. Trying to find the correct driver for my sisters Dell Inspiron 1525 wifi was an absolute nightmare that took me 2 days to figure out. Vista wouldn't recognize it and the drivers you download from Dell are not the right ones using the model number or even the service tag number. Yet PCLOS had no problems detecting her hardware.