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Best Music/Media Player App

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by MarvinAndroid, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've noticed there are about 3 or 4 media players out there now on the marketplace. I was wondering if anybody here has tried them out and if one of them stands out as the best? Or maybe it's just a matter of preference in these early stages?


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    Post #25 by Crunchbot, Dec 17, 2009 (1 points)

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  3. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok... I guess I will try out a few players and post my findings.

    The first one I tried was called simply "Cinema". The program is as basic as it gets.. there are literally no options, it just plays video. The controls are cool.. you tap the screen to pause and resume. You tap and drag left or right to FF and Rewind. If you hit the "home" button to leave the app... it will pick up the movie in the same place where you left it. You can also browse your whole SD card in any folder with a built-in browser.

    As a test file I took a video Podcast (1up Show) and used the I-pod touch pre-sets in VEMoDe to resize the video. I set the resolution to something like 480x350 and it spit out about a 300mb mp4 video. It looks gorgeous on the screen and runs nice and smooth! No complaints so far. I know there are probably better programs to resize and re-encode... but this is one I had on my PC because I used to use it for videos on my Treo.

    I'll try out a few other players, see how they work and post what I find. Cinema pretty much does what I need so far though... I'll have to try to encode an entire DVD movie and see how that works.
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  4. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    All of the current apps are interfaces that use the built in function and codecs of the OS. That is why they are so small.

    A new codec will require translation to the Java layer, because it is not part of the OS built in function.

    If you go to the Corecodec forum (Coreplayer support site) they explain this and why it may be a long time before Coreplayer or any real media app with its own codecs is released on the G1.
  5. androidtapp

    androidtapp Newbie

    I use TuneWiki for playing music and still kinda addicted to the plain-jane Video Player for videos
  6. Fozzer

    Fozzer Lurker

    Guys just quick one i have moved to the G1 from the HTC Touch and what can i say i havent soft resetting the G1 yet.
    Anyhoo on the topic of media players is there any out there that can browse Genre as awell as Artist Album etc etc
  7. GeoUSA

    GeoUSA Android Enthusiast

    Thanks, MarvinAndroid. The first one I tried was Video Player and it indicated it found no videos (I have some on the MicroSD). While trying to open a video attached to e-mail, it did play audio and show the first frame as a still image. I do like how it manages to auto-rotate the still image depending on the orientation of the phone.

    I am downloading Cinema now (or trying to). I often find my downloads stall until my phone is next powered on...
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  8. Novocain

    Novocain Newbie

    I can't seem to get my G1 to play *any* video from my microSD, regardless of the apps (tried Cinema and Video Player).

    My file format must be screwed up. mp4. h.264. What else do I need to know? Is there a file size limit?
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  9. Romulus

    Romulus Lurker

    Try my "Meridian Video Player".
    At least it has a file browser to check ALL your files on SDCard, maybe you can find more informations from its mp4 header parser.
    I think there's no size limit at least for my app
  10. StarLog

    StarLog Newbie


    Look to AntPlayer in the apps market, it lets you type in the genre as if on shoutcast, and pulls up the options.
  11. Schmirgel

    Schmirgel Lurker

    So far I used the "Video Player 0.1" together with the android converter. No problems at all.
  12. antiskeptic

    antiskeptic Newbie

    im using aPlayer works fine...very simple and comes up as a file explorer
  13. beafdefx

    beafdefx Lurker

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  14. SuperBaby

    SuperBaby Member

    I tried many video players including Cinema, aPlayer, Video Player, Act 1 etc. I found a common problem:

    If you make a fast-forward, it takes more than 10 seconds before the player can catch up and continue playing the movie at the new seek location. I find aPlayer to be better in handling this.
  15. shante1012

    shante1012 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the tip
  16. Ruby

    Ruby Lurker

    I'm actually trying to find a player for wmv. files. Any suggestions?
  17. weihl165

    weihl165 Android Enthusiast

    I have only tried Cinema and it works well for me. It will even play some mp4's that my PS3 wont play.
  18. flammenwurfer

    flammenwurfer Well-Known Member

    I feel like Android is advanced enough that it should be able to handle playing almost any type of video. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

    What are the video types that Android can play? Just mp4s?
  19. weihl165

    weihl165 Android Enthusiast

    I have seen a player in the market(the name slips my mind) but it says it will play xvid,wma,mp4,H234? and a few others. All the movies I download are already in mp4 format, so I dont need to convert.
  20. Mike Anthony

    Mike Anthony Member

    Video Player is great. It plays from the SD Card and its clear, on time and just works.
  21. jewpiterjones

    jewpiterjones Lurker

    Totally flippin' beyond me how the Droid doesn't come with a video player out-of-the-box, especially considering it's iPhone-rival status. I love the device but having to DL an app to watch video has left a sour taste in my mouth.
  22. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Actually, the Droid does have a default video player. If you click on the "Gallery" app, if you have videos or movies on the phone, it will play them.
    A bit of weird thing, but it does work.
  23. mystik1

    mystik1 Well-Known Member

    If you remember it, let me know. I'd like to check out its XviD support. Thanks.
  24. weihl165

    weihl165 Android Enthusiast

    check yxflash
  25. kokiangel

    kokiangel Android Expert

    Meridian player seems to be pretty nice. It will play my music including album art. It does a good job with videos too. At least as good as any other player I have tried. And it looks like there are plans in place for it to work with audio books. that covers all the bases for me.
  26. Crunchbot

    Crunchbot Newbie

    Mixzing has a movie player built in as well. It looks exactly like the app "video player" but since I use it for my music, I use it for my movies as well. Movies have to be 480 pixels or smaller on the long side, H.264 mp4s, otherwise it won't open them. I'm not certain on those settings but I think that video player says the same thing. Handbrake is a program for mac that can covert movies, and its free. Like a poster said above using anther program, just use the iPod touch settings, but shrink it to 480 x whatever.
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