Best smallish phone with LCD screen?


I just bought a Turbo to replace my VERY old Droid (with a slide out keyboard. Yep.) The Turbo's fab SUPER AMOLED screen is giving me a SUPER headache, so I'm going to need to return/replace it with something else. The phone is also way too big for me to operate one-handed comfortably. (A necessity, if you're a mom like me.)

I am on Verizon, so a Verizon phone is preferred. I'm thinking LCD screen, in a smallish handheld size, but not ridiculously small. Any suggestions?? What's the best smallish, LCD screened phone out there right now? (Or do I need to make a hop over to *gulp* an iphone retina screen??) My next ask would be an ok camera-- doesn't need to be top of the top... but you know. Mom.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!


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Have you tried adjusting the brightness of your DROID Turbo screen?

The 2013 Moto X is 4.5 inches and a good overall phone.


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Yes-- tried it. The lowest brightness setting is still quite bright and contrasty comparatively speaking. It's hard to describe, but the whites on the Turbo are more of a yellowy (brighter) hue, while the whites of my old Droid were a gray hue, (much easier on the eyes.)

The Moto X was my first choice actually, (though Verizon doesn't carry it anymore-- I'd have to get it from Best Buy or Swappa or something), but now my concern is that it also has an AMOLED screen, so I'd likely have the same problem. :( I think I really need an LCD screen, in a small sized phone.


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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact comes to mind (4.6" LCD screen, high end specs generally), but I suspect you won't be able to get that with Verizon.