Android Enthusiast
Oct 16, 2009
I'd like to get better html e-mail rendering on my Droid. I recently tested Touchdown and it did a fantastic job with html exchange e-mail. I decided I didn't need all of its functionality nor did I want to spend $20.

Is there anything out there that handles e-mail like Touchdown as a standalone product? It needs to work with activesync exchange e-mail.

Thanks in advance.
I tried K-9 mail but it doesn't work with our company's exchange server. I don't think K-9 works with activesync.

I've got my corporate e-mail setup and working properly through the default e-mail client on the Droid. I'm looking for a way to improve how html e-mails appear on the device.

Touchdown did it very well, but I don't need all the components of that product.

Can the default client be adjusted to improve html e-mails or do I need a third-party app?