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Bionic and Razor

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rogueally, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. rogueally

    rogueally Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I was very curious to know just how different the two phones are based on your opinions. Reason for asking is because I was offered a trade for a Razor for my Bionic. Anything to make you guys say: "I gotta have it!"

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  2. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Android Enthusiast

    Razr has the built in battery which a lot of people don't like. It's probably a non-issue, the battery should be fine, but in the event that you do ever run into a problem, it's a lot more of a hassle than just ordering a $20 battery and replacing it.

    The speed is a little faster at 1.2GHZ but you can overclock the Bionic to match that.

    The screen is a matter of opinion, some will tell you the RAZR screen is better others will say the Bionic is.

    Frankly if it was a RAZR MAXX being offered to you I'd say yeah go for it just to have better battery life, but just a regular RAZR? If you want a slightly thinner phone with a built in battery go for it. The Bionic is already too thin for me, I don't like holding it without my TPU case installed to add a little more grip to it.
  3. About the same in my opinion.

    I suggest you go to a Verizon store an handle the Razr and handel the Bionic. I frankly hate the way the Razr feels. Many people seem to be attracted to it. I am not one of them.

    I like the feel of the Bionic.

    I like the bionic screen more. Others prefer the Razr.

    Why the Razr case is shellacked closed so you can't pull the battery is a question that has never been answered.

    ... Thom
  4. wildkitten

    wildkitten Android Enthusiast

    Last November I gave serious consideration to both phones. Hardware wise, they seem pretty equal. Screen aside, I don't think there is much difference between them except for the Razr having a 1.2GHz CPU while the Bionic has a 1.0GHz.

    The screen is the most obvious difference. As others have said, some have a preference on to the other, but I really like the Bionics myself.

    While I was doing comparisons, the main issue for me was the battery. The Razr has a sealed battery compartment. If you are a light user this may not make a difference to you. But if you think you may have days where you will be using it a lot, and you may not have access or time to put it on a wall or car charger, this can be a big deal. Sure, you can buy one of those bulky external batteries, but they aren't really convenient to carry around or plug your phone into unless your sitting down for some time. At least with the Bionic you can carry a spare battery and change it out quickly.

    Honestly, it comes down to personal preference and no one can tell you what to prefer and only you can know what is and isn't the right choice for you, but these are a few of the things I can think of to consider.
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  5. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    You mean officially? I am sure that the design is to have the thinnest possible phone with a sufficiently large battery for most people. Modular batteries require the phone to be either thicker or the battery smaller.

    I'd be fine with the RazrMaxx myself (which I think is sufficiently thin - should have been the origial Razr), but the Razr battery over a 20 month, charge every day usage pattern? That battery will be down to something like 2/3 original capacity in 12 months, based on my experience with my last phone.
  6. rogueally

    rogueally Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thx guys for the replies.....yeah I will stay with my bionic. I am very pleased with it coming from a droid x. I went to VW to check out the razor again and after having my bionic for 12 days and then holding razor, the razor felt less durable than the bionic. I am a heavy user of my phone so the shellacked battery was not a selling point for me. You guys are awesome...My boss was trying to sell me on the razor because he has one but im not switching....plus I dont want to pay teh 30 restocking fee to get a new phone.
  7. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Android Enthusiast

    Good choice. :)
  8. Almost ...

    There was a slide show kicking around the Internet by someone who voided their warranty and cracked open the case on a Razr. Inside thee is a removable battery and there is even a plastic tab under the battery to help you pop it out.

    The two sides of the case are shellacked together so a user cannot make this replacement.

    Water -related was suggested but there are other openings in the case that allow water to penetrate. The phrase water-resistant was used in early Razr advertising.

    One hypothesis was that they just did it to see if they could market a device with a non-removable battery. Maybe if you had to return your phone to get the battery replaced every year or so you would be tempted to just buy a newer phone?

    Like I said ... this is one of those minor mysteries that is currently open.

    ... Thom
  9. wildkitten

    wildkitten Android Enthusiast

    With all the news Verizon has been making lately, bad news, I can see them thinking this by trying to get someone to pay full price for a new phone.

    I just hate that phone manufacturers are going to sealed batteries. It offeres no convenience whatsoever.
  10. rogueally

    rogueally Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Exactly.....i like that i can keep my phone and just buy an extended battery unlike the razor where you have to get the razor maxx....
  11. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    I've got both. Given the choice I'd take the Razr unless you are the type who needs to swap batteries. The Razr has a few nice features like camera from unlock screen. I like the amoled screen over the LCD and it is a better put together phone. Otherwise it's like splitting hairs.
  12. dautley

    dautley Android Expert

    I would love the Maxx but the $300.00 vs $49.00 price difference made the decision for me when upgrade time came.
  13. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    I'm sure you can find the Maxx battery and cover for less than $150 if need be.
  14. rogueally

    rogueally Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    exactly :thumbup:
  15. quadtronix

    quadtronix Newbie

    Agreed... I have nothing against the razr but my bionic is awesome for me. I have the extended battery on it and although it's a little bulky it lasts me like half a week with moderate use...

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