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Bluetooth contact sync

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eharri3, Sep 15, 2011.

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    I have scoured google, this site, and various others and have been unable to find any mention of a problem like mine. I was hoping to bounce this one off the knowledgable people on this site and see if anybody has a solution.

    New member, first post by the way.

    The phone is a DROID X 2.
    Head unit is a Pioneer Premier DEH 980BT.

    The head unit is an old one with the old bluetooth profiles and isn't updatable, so it can be rather picky with newer phones. It pairs and connects with some but will never autoconnect or transfer contacts. With my barrage V860 it would never work at all. The only phone it seemed to work perfectly with was my work Blackberry, where contacts transferred over with no problem, autoconnect always works, and just about all the features I want to use are available. Unfortunately although work makes me carry a Blackberry I have no interest in one for a personal phone.

    Since getting my Droid X2 I have AT LEAST gotten back to having a head unit with functioning BT that will hold me over until the $$$ is there for a new radio that's more compatable. It still won't autoconnect but this is OK. I put the bluetooth toggle app on the home screen so I can put the phone in discoverable mode with two clicks on the home screen as I'm walking to the car and the head unit handles everything from there.

    I was able to get all contacts to transfer to the head unit and they show up fine. But here is the kicker. When I try to dial from the head unit, it will ONLY dial the first three digits of any phone number, which means obviously that calls never connect when dialed from the head unit. Its a 10 digit number including the area code in the phone contact list. It's a 10 digit number with area code on the head unit once the contact is transferred. So all contact numbers are transferring over fully intact. But when I try to actually dial through the head unit it only dials the area code and the call won't go through.

    I have been using the BT file transfer app and have tried it a number of ways, going into the contacts and exporting them directly via bluetooth, saving them to the SD card then sending them from there, etc... I am just wondering if anybody has ever encountered as similar problem and how they worked around it.

    If it cannot be fixed I am probably just going to live with it and dial from the phone for now, maybe make use of the 10 speed-dial spaces in the head unit so I can at least dial the numbers I use most frequently from there. I am not inclined to go exchanging phones over this as this head unit is so finicky with various phones that I am lucky just to have a phone that I like that works with it AT ALL.

    Bluetooth would be an awesome concept if it weren't for the fact that they're constantly changing the damn protocols so people have so much trouble finding setups that work perfectly together unless you restrict yourself only to devices made by the phone manufacturer.

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