Help Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the facebook application??


I am not a fan of the social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter etc.

The X10 has a facebook application which I will NEVER use but for that reason I would like to remove it from the phone.

Can anyone advise how to do it please as all I can get is to force close and not uninstall.

Phone is X10 Black on UK Vodafone




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I use the app called "Unistaller" and when I open it, it shows the facebook app as removable, I didn't get rid of it but I'm sure it will.
Also you can remove it from timescape by going to settings when in timescape and going to customize splines and unselecting facebook


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Have tried to download the uninstaller application but after trying it twice for 4 hours each I have given up.

Does anyone have any ideas why downloading this app takes so long - it is also the same for the Xpedia flashlight app which I have tried separately. In fact any application seems to take an eternity.

They apps say they are downloading but they are not very large apps so should be there is a flash.

Have tried the switch off/on but still it takes ages - I have full signal (not 3G though) and it doesn't download.

Help please - this is driving me maddddddddd