sony ericsson xperia x10

  1. Evynsta

    Root Help ive bricked my phone

    Please help ive accidently deleted my system file on my sony ericsson U20i mini how to fix
  2. D

    Root [solved] xRecovery keeps saying "File system is read only?"

    I am trying to put Feralabs rom on my X10, but when i get to the part of installing xrecovery, it says on the three files when i click install and it comes up with 3 red circles with crosses through them cp: Can't create '/system/bin/chargemon': File exists cp: Can't create...
  3. B

    Help Please explain...

    So, I have (and the phone info reads) a Sony Ericsson Xperia x10a that I would really love to root. I have no clue if its a Xperia X10 Mini or X10 Mini Pro (I've attempted to research prior to asking for help only to receive a headache, mass confusion and the multiple results for the x10...
  4. T

    Help X10 Cannot connect to PC[HELP]

    Hello, I want update to 2.1 But my x10 device can't connect to my pc.. I have read a lot of posts . Still can't find a solution for this problem. I have tried Flashtool I have tried PC companion I have tried Pdanet I have tried PC suite I have tried PC Update Service I have tried...
  5. M

    sony xperia x10 security question unlock

    dear all forum members kindly help me to unlock security question in sony xperia x10
  6. I

    Help Sony Ericsson Xperia x10a not turning on | update failure |

    Alright guys, I've been looking all over the internet to find a solution the my problem but I cannot find the right one. So first off, the problem is I was going to update my phone (SE Xperia X10a) from 1.6 to 2.2 and while I was on the Sony Companion it told me to do steps and while I was doing...
  7. S

    Help My phone keeps dying- What could be the problem?

    For the past 6 months at least my phone's been acting up. It is a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Old but reliable until recently. I charge, put on my music app and head out. All's well until I try and do certain things. Whenever I turn on my Wifi/3G, or run a fairly bulky app (i.e. Internet Browser...
  8. M

    Help Android Xperia X10 full wipe help

    First of all i would like to say hi to everybody, im a new android user and i would love that everyone that can help me could explain things very well otherwise i wont understand a thing xD Also, english is not my main language so mind the gramatic mistakes :p Now into the problem: My sister...
  9. S

    reg. my songs in xperia x10

    in my xperia if i play songs it is not played properly. some are played with no voice and some with wavering voice tone. the same songs were played good in other phones. what may be the problem
  10. G

    Help wrong ROM X10i on X10a

    I have an xperia x10a I updated it to android 2.3 but now I notice the phone info screen list it as a x10i. It does not recognize the sim card either. Could this probably be because of having an incorrect rom? X10i rom on x10a device?
  11. R

    Help X10 Fails to boot. Loops into animation

    After installing a facebook app I think the internal memory on my X10 is so full that it can't even boot. It just loops the into animation. Can I fix this and if so, how?
  12. C

    Help Hotmail

    Hi, I have a problem with my partners phone. Not Hotmail has automatically "upgraded" his accout to Outlook he can't access his account on his phone. I've tried the hotmail help function but the suggested app isn't avaliable for the X10. I can find an app to access his accout but it doesn't give...
  13. C

    Anyone still running 1.6 or 2.1 please help - lost notification tone

    If anyone still has an X10 running 1.6, or maybe even 2.1 can you please do me a favour? I'm looking for a notification tone, I think it was called Reminder. I've been using it for 3 years (2 on my X10 and 1 on my Galaxy S3). Recently my S3 broke and when I sent it off for repair it came back...
  14. D

    Help 3G not working after factory reset?

    Yea, as the title says, my 3g is not working the 3G/H symbol has not appeared since I did a factory reset?? I'm on 3 btw.
  15. C

    combined widget restore

    Hi, this could be going over an old post but i had a combined wifi, bluetooth, gps,sync & screen brightness widget/shortcut on my home screen that is no longer there i have looked in the widgets location but can not find it any ideas on how to get it back would be appreciated
  16. S

    Help X10 taken by three?

    Hi, First of all I bought an xperia x10 from CEX with its box and all its accessories. After just over a year of me buying it it stopped working (anything that required the sim card). I tested my other sim cards in the phone to find out if it was a problem wig the phone or not and found out it...
  17. A

    Help Updade my X10

    Dear All, I'am new on this forum, first time, Have a SE Xperia X10 with following specs - Android Version - 2.3.3 Model No. - X10i I have two questions - 1. My Wifi does not connect to all connections, rather it does not recognises some, whilst other devices run on same wifi? 2. Can I...
  18. U

    Help Facebook & What's app Problem - on Sony V

    I have Sony Xperia V (no other place to put it), and am having two weird problems with FACEBOOK and WHAT"S APP. 1. Facebook.. Sometimes, I'll be on someone's page. I'll go do something else (another app) and come back to FB. I press "news feed" button and it wont take me there, it doesnt do...
  19. S

    Help installing java on an unrooted X10i

    pls phone geeks i nid ur help... i want to know how to install java apps on my X10i. jbed not installing. pls help
  20. G

    Help sd card wont mount

    pls help ive updated my software on handset and now the sd card wont work i have tried other sd cards in my handset and they work fine and my sd card mounts fine to other handsets but not mine. pls help ive tried everything i can think of andstill getting nowhere.:(
  21. P

    Help Astro Manager and PC showing different files

    Hi all, So I am switching phones and I'm using the SD card from my old phone. When I connect the X10 to my computer via USB, I can see all the pictures and audio from my old phone. These files won't show up on the X10's gallery or music library. I've both taken and downloaded some pictures...
  22. K

    Problem with phone Sony Ericsson Xperia x10

    I have some problems during updating my can look at the photo attached below... I tried all of these steps and it still didn't work. What should I do to update my Sony Ericson Xperia X10?
  23. Y

    Phone turns my wifi off! help!

    Hi. I have a problem with wifi. Internet on cable and wireless on laptop is working without any problems. But when I connect the phone (Sony Ericson Xperia X10i android 2.3.3.) connection takes 2 or 3 minutes maximum. then gets disconnected and i can not connect to wifi either by phone, or...
  24. F

    Help me

    :Di have a xperia x10i can you tell me why i cant download games from internet I install them from my pc to my phone but i can't find them in my phone :S help please must i get any android file manager
  25. J

    help me i have xperia x10

    i have xperia x10 ... i rooted it and want to costum rom... kernel is Android version : 2.3.3 / kernel version : 2.6.29-00054-g5f01537 i want ROM for my device please help me .... or if you can show me tutorial to change kernel version.. i try this and flashtool wrote this...