Jul 4, 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Sorry! I wanted to edit the subject but can't! It should read Color settings, not Cloud settings!

Hi there,

I have been getting on well with my A8 tablet, but....

I have somehow screwed up the color settings of my display and keyboard and cannot restore it to the original setup. For example, my keyboard now has yellow keys with blue letters & symbols, and the images have a definite yellow tinge.

I am fearful of using fixes described online because I don't want to accidentally do a full factory reset.

Is there a simple way to get back to a 'normal' looking screen please?

Thanks in advance,

Roger B
try your keyboard settings under "high contrast" if you are using the samsung keyboard

as for your display check your adaptive brightness settings or your "eye comfort shield" or something to that effect.
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Thank you very much!

I was wrong in trying to reset it in Display, but found the settings you referred to under Accessiblity.

I had at sometime turned on Color Correction, and High Contrast keyboard. Together the effects were awful!

Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated,

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