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cannot install flash player for Froyo!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kateralia, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. kateralia

    kateralia Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a Legend & just updated to Froyo.
    I have been eagerly awaiting this update since I bought the phone last year.
    I want to install flash player, but every link I follow to both Appbrain & the Market it says "application cannot be found".
    If I searched for it there was no adobe flash player file. Only apps which require flash to play.
    I found online someone who typed out a list of ways to install Flash, but even though I found the right file to download, it still wouldn't install!!
    I'm finding this very very frustrating. Am I the only one who is having this problem??? I'm totally annoyed!

    Also, whenever I plug my phone into my computer, the internet connection to the PC gets cutoff! Tried on several computers & it happens to every single one. Anyone else experience this??


  2. BBZ968

    BBZ968 Lurker

    Yes... I too have a legend on Android 2.2
    Although some HTC phones have Adobe flashplayer 10.1 preinstalled or have the installed software to download this .. Our Legend is excluded on all counts.
    I have spent many fruitless hours trying to get to the bottom of this problem as I am anxious to download the new BBC I-player app .
    This app does not appear in the Android Market .. nor does the Adobe flashplayer 10.1 to allow for this to be done.

    Adobe tell me that there are no plans ' at present ' to provide this to the Legend model .
    Neither they or HTC can tell me when or if this will become available.

    Most frustrating ... I have a mind to ditch the Legend and get a Wildfire / Desire instead.
  3. thegremlin

    thegremlin Newbie

    apparently the cpu on the legend is not compatible with the flash 10.1....dont think we r gonna get it....
  4. NX3

    NX3 Member

    Your handset has flash 10.1 lite, thats as good as its going to get unless Adobe have a u-turn and support ARM6 CPUs.

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