May 23, 2010
This is indeed annoying
I have tried to log onto my existing account at google from Xperia but it failed. So I added a new account which over-ruled my old account.
I deleted that new account from my computer but my phone still refuses to let that account go.
And without access to google-account I can not access the store, the calender, apps or anything that has to do with google from my phone.

Please how do I go about to delete my lates account at google from my phone? So that I can access with my old account at google?
I hope I make sence and you understand what I mean
Are you sure the mail synchronization is activated? Go to Settings, and then select Data Synchronization. (I am translating menu names from Swedish.)
Well I can not choose that option until I have an account...I can choose gmail there but that is the account I do not want to use...I want to use my old account at google...The easiest way would be to delete the latest account at google. It is deleted by my computer but not at my phone. So how delete an account from the phone?