Nov 3, 2010
Just got off the phone with AT&T after I got a message about data overage on my account. I received an E-mail that there was 430Mb of data used during the night while I was at home asleep. AT&T's response was that all smart phones receive automatic updates. I told them about all app installs requiring approval and they said that the manufacturer or Google could have pushed the update. So basically they are blaming Google or Samsung for 430Mb of data used in one night on my device. Total data usage per month max on this account in the past 3 months has been 39Mb since I am connected to wireless 90% of the time (both at work and at home). They offered no other solution than recommending I switch to a higher data plan. This is a failure on AT&T's Customer Relations (or lack there of) in my mind and a warning to anyone considering a Android on AT&T! Watch them carefully or they will get their overage charges out of you.
I think I read somewhere last month that Verizon got in big trouble for doing something like this and charge the user for the data usage/update
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Thanks for the reminder on those data usage issues.

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This is at least the 3rd time I am reading about this phone using up so much data in the middle of the night when it's not being used at all. Not sure what kind of update it's doing, but that's a lot of data!
I don't have unlimited and i did go over once when i first got the phone and thought i could pull off just 250mb a month. But since then its only eating up data when im using it pretty much, i haven't seen anything big in the background. But on the other hand i have seen ATT report the wrong numbers to me on my data usage. The few days after my data reset i recieved a notification that i had used 65% of my data plan. I logged into the ATT myWireless app and it said i had only used like 75mb. So somewhere somebody messed up. I never did get billed for an overage but i guess their system does have flaws.