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Case recommendations?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chabak, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Chabak

    Chabak Lurker
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    Just got the phone a couple days ago, and am really liking it. I wanted to get a case for it, and was wondering if anyone has gotten one that they really like. I prefer smaller/thinner cases that add a little protection without too much bulk. Anyone have any recs?

  2. jtragna

    jtragna Member

    I just bought a case, it is a silicone one, I got it on amazon for $5 INCLUDING shipping...it is blue but on the picture it is darker than it came, its more of a light blue...

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  3. mwhunter

    mwhunter Lurker

    I've been looking for a ballastic style case for the last 2 weeks for my TMobile L9 P769 with no luck. I've tried Otterbox and a host of other companies, but to date, no luck. Then I signed into this forum and saw your post on this heavy duty case. It's no Otterbox Defender, but for now it seems better then what else is being offered, which for this phone in ballastic cases, is almost nothing. (By the way, if you do see an Otterbox Defender for the LG L9 for sale on the internet, as of now anyways, per Otterbox, it's a cheap copy out of China!)

    So you've had this case for a couple of months now, what do you think about it re:
    quality and fit and finish, and the seller? Thanks

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