Change appearance of UNlock/swipe screen?


Just installed Android 12 yesterday and can't change white background *UN*lock screen while entering swipe pattern to unlock. There's lots of advice around on how to change the appearance of your lock screen (the one that's first seen when you press the power button) but none about the unlock screen while you are entering your swipe pattern. I don't know how it appears if you alternatively enter a PIN because I do the swipe pattern.

I don't like the bright white page and can't find anyway to change it.

In Android 11 and 10 it used to be a floating transparent screen over my home screen image, light on dark. I've looked everywhere in settings and can't find anything to change this.


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With Android 12, the authentication screen is no longer transparent, and it follows the system them. If you're using a light them, you get a bright white auth screen; switching to the dark theme will give you a dark auth screen.

There's unfortunately no way to change the appearance other than switching between those two system themes. You can use Settings > About phone > Send feedback about this device to share your experience and thoughts with the development team, and they may be able to improve how this is handled going forward.