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Closed account, can I sell the phone?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by m_somo3200, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. m_somo3200

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    ok. I opened this account about 3-4 mos ago when htc one came out.I wanted one so fast and so sprint rcvd the first batch on them and I opened an account. unfortunately, I wasn't too happy with the service. I was getting a lot of drop calls and so I decided to not continue my service with sprint. same day, w/o my authorization sprint deducted termination fee of 419.00 from by bank account. not happy with that so I filed a dispute and after a few days, sprint had returned the amount they took. I still have the phone, but contract has been terminated. is there a possibility I can sell the htc one to someone or online w/o any problems prior to use? thanks for any input guys......appreciate it.


  2. marctronixx



    this is a question you need to follow up with Sprint about.
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