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[Com2uS] Toxic Zombies Massacre! Dead City is now available

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Com2uS, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Toxic Zombies Massacre! Dead City

    After nuclear war, all human is annihilated and turned into zombies infected by D-virus.
    Now you are the only human left standing. Sweep every zombie and feel the thrill in Dead City!

    >>Download Now (FREE)

    Game Features:
    Racing Action Mode!
    - Collect oils and open Racing Action Mode!
    - Take out as many zombies at once with a vehicle
    - Choose from 5 vehicles, upgrade them up to level 10!
    Over 40 weapons and armors!
    - 24 various armor types
    - 18 various weapon types
    - All weapons and armors can be upgraded up to levels 10~20!
    Fire in all directions!
    - Direct yet simple controls. Feel the action on your fingertips!
    Countless missions!
    - Successful missions opens more weapons and armor


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