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Connectivity Notifier apps

Discussion in 'Alpha & Beta Testing' started by melamoud, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. melamoud

    melamoud Member
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    Aug 9, 2010

    My first application is suppose to answer the following questions
    1. I have several Bluetooth devices, which one I'm connected to right now ?
    2. Am I connected to a Wifi or a mobile network right now ?
    3. AM I roaming (data)

    the App is actually a service that put notification in the notification bar with the Wifi SSID and IP or the mobile carrier name and IP and the Bluetooth friendly name

    you can choose if you want the notification vibrate. sound, or lights (or any combination)

    if you open the app (or click the notification to open the app) you will see setting screen together with the notification data.

    Current Issues I might have
    1. I never tested the roaming functionality , I do not know how to force my phone to roam - I need help on that
    2. if the strings are long (for example long SSID) it will cut the end (depend on the screen size)
    3. if the phone is under stress (100% CPU) OS will not send some of the events so I missed connect / disconnect events

    I would love any feedback that you guys have on bugs, usability, feature requests etc


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