Help contacts list


my bro, a friend, and i used to use unlocked sonyericsson phones. we switched to the sensation 4g and all have a similiar problem - duplicate contacts. the contacts on my bro and my sensation 4g is showing it reversed as well (example: "number,office" instead of "office number"). couldn't figure it out. tried to sort and list by "first name first" and still have the same problem.

tmo associate said duplicate numbers has to do with sim number (sim card icon) and backup (shape of a person). she said if i deleted the copy that is shown with the shape of a person then it would be deleted from strange enough, i never backup my contacts to its annoying for almost every number showing twice, and the names are reversed makes it 2x as bad. most of my contacts are cell, so basically everyone is listed "cell,[someone's name]."

regardless if i select to list tmo contacts, sim contacts, or both, some numbers are listed correctly while others are reversed. i set to list only sim contacts and inside "contact" app, it only list the sim contacts (some names are correct, and some reversed). when i view the addy book thru the "phone" button, it list the numbers twice (tmobile, and sim) and as well, some contacts are correct and some reversed.

how can i fix these problems? so annoying.