Subodh Sharma

Nov 15, 2015

I have ASUS Zenfone4 A400CG. I flashed a new system.img and ended up with corrupted system.
The device bootloader is Locked. tried the following
  • try fastboot update ---- the fastboot reported missing android-info.txt and android-pakg.txt.
  • try create a system.img with files from and flash it --- didn't help. might be i am not doing it right.
  • try starting recovery boot ---- Unlocked DROIDBOOT won't let it start.
So do I have any options left. So if anyone has any suggestions for me please put them up.

Welcome to our AndroidForums, @Subodh Sharma, but sorry it's under these circumstances :(.

We do have a Asus Zenfone 4 area (and it's companion root area) for you to review and post in to see if the folks in there can assist you.

There is also a Zefone 4 area over at XDA that might also be of help:

Best of luck!

P.S. / edit: I'm actually going to move your thread over to the Zenfone 4 root area for you.

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