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Custom (3rd Party) ROM: SicOpaT. Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hawker, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert
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    I thought it may be extremely useful for people who are contemplating going over to a 3rd party ROM what the good and bad points are, comparisons to official ROM etc.

    May also be useful to state which 3rd party kernel (if applicable) seems to work well with it.

    Can you start off with which version of the ROM your using with which firmware it is based on, followed by your findings.

    SicoPat's ROM Link

    Other 3rd Party ROMS are commented on in the threads below (please start new threads for any other ROMS that you wish to comment on):
    Cognition S2 (thanks to steslatt)
    MoDaCo (thanks to Sydney99)

    Many thanks to all that contribute

  2. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User


    Based on official :
    Android 2.3.4

    Information about ROM :
    * completely stock ODEXED

    * Ninphetamine kernel 2.0.5
    --CWM Manager apk included
    --with BLN support
    --Overclockable (1,6 Ghz max), undervoltable using SetCPU (never use Tegrak with it)

    * modified lights.GT-I9100.so library to enabled BLN control apk
    * Extended Power Menu (stock like)
    * Stock browser hardware accelerated
    * CRT effect fixed
    * SIP enabled over 3G
    * Stock battery
    * Gtalk audio/video fixed
    * SIP enabled on WIFI / 3G
    * And nothing more !


    * It just works!

    * The basic ROM is identical to stock with the above enhancements.

    * There are additional, and optional, mod's to suit your needs, i.e. BLN (Backlight notification for SMS/MMS/calls.)

    * Ninphetamine kernel runs very smoothly and is battery efficient and can be safely overclocked to 1.6GHz (I have it set to this on a full time basis in SetCPU... On demand)

    * The ROM is odexed and very fast

    * Browser is fast

    * HD recording/playback works

    * Video calling from stock over 3G/Wi-Fi

    * Works well with existing applications (Launcher Pro, Handcent, K-9 mail, BBC iPlayer, Skype, etc.)

    * Flashable with CWM

    * Some nice, basic, themes from developer and JKay (I like his green or blue battery circle themes)

    * Developer, sipocat, is, I believe, French and very helpful, responsive and patient.


    * Possibly not a ROM for the absolute novice as it does not feature a "kitchen" to aid in the building of your ROM. Having said that, it is CWM compatible, so flashing is not too much hassle although, even using the all-in-one mod package, I still need to do 6/7 installations to get just what I want.

    * The ROM is odexed as opposed to deodexed. See here for an explanation of the differences:-

    What Is Odex And Deodex In Android [Complete Guide]

    I will update this as things occur to me.

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