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May 19, 2011
Manchester u.k
hi all , can you tell me what stuff on my desire s will still use data usage , i go on facebook but thats about it .... does the friendstream use data , does the weather update use data , anything else ??? cheers
Yes it does. Every app or widget that checks the internet for information updates uses data. Hope this helps.
Yes, Android phones use a lot of data. My Desire S uses way more than my old Iphone ever did.

One 'trick' is to disable background data, you can do this through the accounts and sync settings.

This will also slightly increase your battery life as well as the phone wont be constantly going on the internet.

However some apps will still use data in the background even if it is turned off. Facebook shouldnt though, change its refresh to manual (never) that way you can update it when you want.

Also set your emails to manual sync.

Hope this helps. :)