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DCB_Association....Please help me resolve

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by McKnittyG, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. McKnittyG

    McKnittyG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm not really sure where to put this question as I am unclear what a DCB Association is or why you would text it. If anybody can help clarify why the following code would have been texted from my husband's phone, I would be more than grateful. Even though it was texted from his phone, he has no memory of ever sending it (giving benefit of the doubt at this point). The following is the complete text which was sent to the SMS shortcode +6759: DCB_ASSOCIATION: 149427a0982c12478497b8a

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


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    Post #6 by crs77, Dec 3, 2013 (8 points)

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  3. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    I moved your threads here in the Lounge as the best I can tell it is Demerara Cricket Board. I don't know what that means, but hopefully someone in here will be able to help you out.:)
  4. McKnittyG

    McKnittyG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you again for your help.
  5. rabidhunter

    rabidhunter Android Expert

    Generally DCb stands for decible but not sure that helps.
  6. McKnittyG

    McKnittyG Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I talked to Verizon and one of their techs said it is a "Data Call Block", but said he had never seen this type of code before. Perhaps there is somebody familiar with setting up data call blocks? There's not much info on the web and I'm not sure why you would have to SMS the string of code to initiate a block....seems like this would be easier done simply with Verizon's call block feature via their website.

    Hopefully, somebody can shed some light on this.
  7. crs77

    crs77 Lurker

    A little late, but this just happened to me as well and I learned what it was. This happens when you bill something from google play store to your wireless bill. DCB = Direct Carrier Billing. Your husband is not cheating, neither is he a secret agent.. :)
  8. AVSkillet

    AVSkillet Member

    Well that's just weird. And to think McKnittyG actually asked a Verizon rep and they couldn't tell them! But it makes sense now.

    I found the same strange message sent from my phone and it was bugging me to no end. I kept thinking I must have a malicious app sending information from my phone to who knows who! However, about the same time the suspicious text message was sent, I did use my Verizon account to make a purchase off the Google Play Store.

    Thanks Crs77 for clearing that up!
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  9. unforgiven512

    unforgiven512 Lurker

    I just saw this on my Nexus 7 LTE (2013) today.

    I dug in a little, and found some results.

    Most of the time, it's not shown in the SMS database, so you never see it in your SMS app.

    It's for Google Play "Direct Carrier Billing".

    I'm assuming by "DCB_ASSOCIATION", it means it's associating your Google Play account with your cellular account, as in when you first set it up.

    I've noticed multiple different shortcodes in my queries.

    There are no publicly accessible details on how it works, but my assumption is:

    • Open Google Play Store
    • Click "purchase" on an app
    • Select "Enable ${carrier_name} billing"
    • Accept terms and conditions, etc.
    • Google Play Store sends an SMS to your carrier, at a carrier specific shortcode (example: AT&T -- 11119999) with the text of "DCB_ASSOCIATION: ${authentication_hash}"
    • ${carrier_name} receives this SMS in their system, and authenticates the ${authentication_hash} to ensure that it is legitimate:

      • The request actually originated from the Google Play Store, and not some other malicious program
      • The request originated from your Google account, and not someone else's
      • The request actually came from your phone number (you can change the MDN on your SIM card, and make your phone think it has a different number than it's actually assigned -- the network will still see SMS as originating from your true number)
    • Carrier billing becomes enabled in the Google Play store. Your ${carrier_name} account and Google Play account are now associated
    • Future purchases check the MDN of your SIM (or in the case of a CDMA carrier, whatever is programmed into NV)
    • Additional purchases are automatically allowed

    But alas, I'm not 100% sure on all of this. I do know 100% for sure it is from the Google Play Store, and is sent at the time you enable "Direct Carrier Billing".

    I just noticed that someone else actually answered the question, however, I'll leave this here anyhow, as it's a little more in-depth, and may offer insight to some. Enjoy.
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  10. AudraGSans422

    AudraGSans422 Lurker

    HI, I also received that message and i am on SPRINT. what it is is when you order something, or make a purchase that is linked to your phone number. It is an error or decline message.
  11. Rainique

    Rainique Lurker

    How funny..tho truly soothing..because I was gonna find out by any means and your post hit the nail on its head thanks for relieving some of my stress..now I know..it all makes sense especially since I had just purchased xterm life thru candy crush. But I wounder why it doesn't do it all the time this is the first I've seen it and I purchase all the time thru my app on my phone
  12. tonyduncan

    tonyduncan Lurker

    If you see an outgoung text that you don't remember sending it is because you authorized your wireless carrier to bill you for something you purchased from your phone this happened with me and it was a Google Play Music purchase....
  13. Diane23

    Diane23 Lurker

    Thank you for this! I remember placing the order -- now I just have to remember (or figure out) what it was I ordered!
  14. Sandi912

    Sandi912 Lurker

    I received the same text for the first time this morning. I've been making small purchases billed to my carrier (T-Mobile) for a long time without any such sms/text until today. I'm taking a guess that the Google, and/or carriers terms and conditions, changed a while back. It's possible that until we make a purchase through Google, billed to our carrier, with a new or upgraded phone, is when we are required to agree to that particular term.

    In my case, I just activated an upgraded phone ([Galaxy S5]) yesterday and my 1st purchase billed to my carrier was within an hour before I received the sms/text. I was beside myself when I saw it fearing it was a hacker or something malicious. Needless to say, I'm so happy I found this thread!

    Hopefully my post is as helpful to someone as the other posts were to me!

  15. jaindough

    jaindough Lurker

    It stands for direct carrier billing. Sent because u charged something to your phone bill from google play or similar app
  16. jessnkarl15

    jessnkarl15 Lurker

    I just received this same text. The problem is i didn't order anything. I was wondering if anyone knows if orders can be plassed through google play and charged to my phone without my knowledge. Thanks for the help ahead of time
  17. This can most assuredly happen. The only requirement is that the order must be placed through your phone and your phone only. So somebody has to have physical access to your mobile phone in order to do it but, if that's possible, it can be done with almost no effort. Rest assured, though, that is exactly what you'really dealing with. It's called a Direct Carrier Billing code and they're issued by various carriers, designed mainly as a way for the younger generation on the go to easily transact small trades without the hassle that some would argue more traditional forms of payment might present. Designed as a matter of convenience more than anything else, really, once you have been positively identified the carrier will transact business with you whenever you like as long as it's "on the level". Orders placed, even when done so by a client able to positively identify themselves as a customer will only be honored when placed by your actual phone. It cannot be faked, either. Even if you tried to make the phone believe it belonged to another number they are extremely reliable in that they will always and without exception know their true identity. As far as I know this security measure is, at least thus far, impossible to defeat. That being said, the odds of you receiving a DCB code, from your carrier, for an electronic order placed by a complete stranger, and on a phone that wasn't actually yours are infinitesimal at best. Barring any cosmic SNAFU I have to think whatever was purchased was done so by someone using your phone. Really, the only way to do it would to be to acquire and use your phone, to the exclusion of any other, to place the order in question, and since we know it wasn't you, we can rely on the assumption that somebody used your phone, ordered "something", charged it to your mobile carrier account and, after they settled the bill, they passed the newly minted DCB code on to you. More than likely by way of SMS text message. But the fact remains that it simply cannot done from another phone it must be done through your phone. Period. That said, although I can't say whodunit, I can state with the utmost certainty that the dastardly deed was carried out with your own hardware. Hoist by your own petard, as it were. Any kids have access to your personal items that might have a penchant for goods and services acquired in a manner some people might think to describe as less than wholly legitimate? I'm sure not. Alas, such is the world. In all seriousness, though, just call the carrier and give them that DCB number. They should easily be able to tell you what was purchased, where, even what time of day it was. My gut feeling is that, since these purchases are typically small by comparison, they could very well just right it off in order to ensure your continued business. I hope that's been helpful. I really think that if a carrier is offering Direct Billing to their customers, especially if unsolicited, they should be certain the customer knows, first and foremost, what it is but also familiarize them with it's use in addition to offering suggestions as to how one can protect themselves against what happened to you. Good luck in the future.
  18. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    I don't think that's necessarily true.

    All it takes is for someone to have your Gmail credentials.

    They can validate their phone to your account, add a redirect from Google Voice, and then probably set up dcb from their phone as they access your account. Or easier if they spoof your caller ID.

    And when you first set up your Play Store account, if dcb is available to you, it's explained then and there.

    The dcb text message is to alert you to the account change.

    If you believe that your credentials have been compromised, change your password, consider two step authentication -


    To add or remove dcb, visit the Play Store, My Account on your phone.

    To block dcb, call your carrier.
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  19. Salwc2k

    Salwc2k Lurker

  20. Salwc2k

    Salwc2k Lurker

    DCB = Direct Carrier Billing...I get same text sent out everytime I buy an App from Google Play Store and bill the amount to my carrier VZW and adds it to my next bill.
  21. Stereo Mike

    Stereo Mike Lurker

    I too have had this same experience and found these explanations of interest. BUT! When someone wants your business they are open and helpful not secretive and suspicious. The day following my phone sending a coded SMS to DCB...... I received a phone call from "Unavailable" showing the phone number as " ". But they did leave a message which was "Please call Lana at 1-800-435-0566 ext 536." I called and I was just asked personal identification questions which I did not answer but instead asked of her the nature of her interest in me. Her response was not to respond to my query but to continue with more questions. I simply terminated the call at that point. So what is going on here? If Goggle Play Store wants your business it is very unlikely that this approach is going to be the most fruitful. To have your phone sending messages without your consent is definitely counter productive. Did having them do that to you make you feel secure? Goog.. / Face.... / Micro.... / etc. are all unbridled monsters. Money from government accounts flows into their account and information from their servers flows into government computers. For all you know they can post a reply in this site which is designed to put you at ease. I could go on but it's up to each of you to consider for yourself what tastes right and what doesn't. They have made the box just for you. Whether you chose to think within it or outside of it deserves serious consideration. Your thoughts please?
  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Google Play Store isn't going to send you a DCB message, call you, or hand out your number.

    All of that is on your carrier.
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  23. Stereo Mike

    Stereo Mike Lurker

    I have been put at ease. Thanks.
  24. My husband received the same text too.
    And, I noticed that he kept receiving texts after I asked him and I found them all deleted. Now, I saw he has 6759 blocked. I texted 6759 a text from his phone and I received an emoji with DCB code and the last string of numbers underlined and in red. So, I looked at those numbers and saw an area code and prefix and added the 6759 and called it. I got automated response to enter my code to listen to any messages or to enter a code to leave any messages. It said Trex or Treks Account. Then, I saw an ad for online charge account.
    I also noticed my husband left a code with his name, numbers, and LQ in front.
    I tried to look up and it said La Quinta
    (HOTEL CHAIN). As for the Trex/Treks
    phone call I looked on whitepages and it
    listed as Sonic Wall Inc.
    I am just wondering for those that have received this ??: in that last string of numbers do you see an area code and prefix maybe local to your area of residence?
  25. Sweetpayne

    Sweetpayne Lurker

    I can buy and instal apps from my phone onto my brothers through play store no hacks telstra billing i am signed in with both on my phone i can get on laptop and pick witch device i want to install it on. Soon as said my brother turns on his data a game will download and install paid out of his money from my phone or even from my money on to his phone i can do the same to my tablets hardest part is getting my brothers gmail password rest is easy it is possible however i get this txt replies on both devices
  26. I come sharing news. DCB_ASSOCIATION:Y3890K43HQFEJDVUO98NAT2CJQ6RIJCQH is what i just received it come from a wallet app where you can search for other ways to buy things through cell paypal mobile and even your landline company like Verizon Comcast etc they go through with any purchases being made and if don't even choose that option it does for u it idles for a few minutes and if you were denied the payment through your internet phone an cable provider this is whats texted to your phone its an app in google play one is called paytalk aoond the other site somewhere in India hope this helps ALSO as though i never chose the option to bill my provider it automatically does it for you. So be careful especially kids dont run up the cable bill good day all

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