Desire on 3 no skype calls to UK?


I downloaded the 3 version of skype from their website. It works ok but stops me from calling skype calls in the uk. Silly really because the skype phone and the nokia 5800 gave me free uk skype calls. International calls are fine.

Does anyone know how to get free skype to skype calls in the uk on a htc desire using 3 mobile sim???
I looked at I skoot which 3 use on the handsets but I cant find a version for the desire.

Calling all desire 3 customers....



You will need to download the three version of the app from planet three. go to planet three from your phone internet browser (must be on 3g connection without wifi) if u dont have planet three just google it to get the address

chris 290

Android Enthusiast
If your trying to use Skype out credit for UK calls to landline or mobile then 3 Skype does not work, Dl nimbuzz and you will be able to do it over 3g or WiFi. Use 3 Skype over 3g to phone Skype to Skype calls and not eat up your data allowance when away from a WiFi network :) hope that clears things up.