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Detoxing Off iPhone - Music

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by djs12345, Dec 25, 2020.

  1. djs12345

    djs12345 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    As the title suggests, I'm a former (and still largely) Apple user. I'm becoming more platform agnostic over time and got my first Android recently - the Samsung Galaxy S10.

    One thing that I don't like about Apple (and seems like this might apply to all) is that you need to either push content to their cloud (and subscribe to cloud storage) OR subscribe to streaming music.

    On my Apple, I've purchased my music - song by song - since 2003 (and might even be the occasional audio file from Napster or Limewire). I've backed up my Library onto a physical external hard drive over the years. I sync my iPhone with my iTunes library (on my macbook), which creates a copy of the library and retrieves the music from the Apple store (unless I specify to download my music) so the space occupied on the phone is limited. I do NOT pay any monthly fees to Apple for anything.

    Now, on my new phone, I can drop the audio files into the 'Music' folder and play them with an app like 'Folder Music' - but I see two drawbacks, 1) I need to actually copy all the files to my phone and that consumes alot of space and 2) the music is not easy to organize. On Apple, I can browse and create a playlist in the music app or on my macbook and then copy to the phone.

    So the questions I have are:
    1. What are my options if I want to transfer my old iTunes Library to my Samsung if I don't want to subscribe to any monthly services and don't want to deal with unorganized audio files?

    I think this ideally looks like a sync of the library (and playlists) that would then be able to play the songs themselves from the cloud (again at no monthly cost - this is how my iPhone works now).

    2. Assuming there is no answer to 1, what are the alternatives to paying Apple $15/mo. for Apple Music (family subscription) - a monthly fee to access music I already purchased? Would any of these options let me bring in my old music to my library?

    3. Assuming I breakdown and finally paying for streaming music - are there services that let you build out playlists (e.g. for the gym) and play songs on demand?
    Thanks to all in advance.

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  2. MrJavi

    MrJavi Android Expert

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  3. ajhk

    ajhk Newbie

    If I understood correctly, you want to stream the music you bought on iTunes, instead of downloading the music files and copying them to your new phone? The first thing that comes to mind is that you download the Apple Music app for Android, sign in with your Apple ID and see if it'll let you stream the music you already bought. I don't use Apple Music anymore and never bought music on iTunes so I don't know if this will work. Second method would be to download your music and then upload it to any cloud storage service (like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and then stream it from there. The third method would be to download your music and then upload it to YouTube Music to your personal library. You can find more info on that in this YouTube Music support article. Then you just install the YouTube Music app on your phone and stream your library.

    For local media files:
    If the song files have properly tagged metadata (e.g. artists, albums, genre, year, etc.), most media players (e.g. default Samsung Music app, VLC, Simple Music Player, etc.) should automatically organize your music. If the song files don't have the proper tags, you can use third-party tools to tag them (e.g. MusicBrainz Picard).
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  4. djs12345

    djs12345 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the welcome @MrJavi

    Much appreciate the reply @ajhk.
    • So I have the Apple Music app for Android installed and its prompting me to enroll their subscription service. It does not take my login (which I confirmed on my other devices is correct). My guess is that I MUST subscribe to Apple Music to use this app.
    • Uploading music to the cloud could work but I would need to pay for cloud storage and also would have the same issue with unstructured audio files
    • I'll check out YouTube music. I assume this is a subscription as well.
    • Thanks for the helpful tips on local media. I do have properly tagged (mostly) files but these apps still seem like a challenge to work with.
    Long story short - I think I'm going to have to pay for either a subscription music service or subscription cloud storage!
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  5. ajhk

    ajhk Newbie

    YouTube Music has both free and paid tiers. But note that, as far as I am aware, uploading your own library of music is free, and you can upload up to 100,000 songs. See also this guide: https://www.howtogeek.com/685122/how-to-upload-music-to-youtube-music/ and the aforementioned support article: https://support.google.com/youtubemusic/answer/9716522?hl=en

    For local files, I personally like VLC the most. It can play almost any music or video files you throw at it. If you choose to try it out, make sure to let it index all your media on your phone when you first install it. You can also manually trigger indexing in VLC -> Audio -> the three dots in the upper right corner -> Refresh.
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  6. djs12345

    djs12345 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Cool. YouTube seems like a good service.

    Don't laugh but - I actually already pay for YouTube premium to avoid ads and I guess music is included with my subscription.
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  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    not laughing...LOL

    i also have youtube premium and yes that is where i get my music from...especially when youtube music merged with play music.
  8. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    For your locally saved files, place them onto the SD card.

    There are literally thousands of music player apps to choose from.

    Personally, I like Black Player, and I use an old version that has no ads.
    (version 2.15)

    As for Youtube, I use NewPipe instead, which allows you to watch and download anything on Youtube without ads and for free.

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  9. Milo Williamson

    Milo Williamson Android Enthusiast

    Only for about a week then you have to be a pay member anyway.
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