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DHD a series of problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OneTrickPony, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. OneTrickPony

    OneTrickPony Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello gais!

    So ive had my DHD working perfectly for 2months, but all of that have changed the past weeks.
    At first it was just the annoying(and common) headset icon turning up randomly and routes all ur sound to the minijack output. Luckily i found a workaround for it, its still annoying, but i love this phone to much to let it bother me.

    However the past days a new and unbearable problem have surfaced.
    The screen(which imo makes or breaks a phone) have lost the crispy vibrant look it once had.
    Now on the grey menu bar the the bottom I have green tinted lines going across it. These lines also appear on every grey menu bar. I also had a day where the screen would swap between a red and green tint while is was typing.

    The wallpapers looks like someone put a cheap glare effect on them. So the lighter parts of the image got a poor glare effect.

    But when I run an app like for example Angry Birds the display is totally fine. The problem seems to only affect the menu.

    A screenshot of the background when viewing the Gallery. (Yes, it does look that bad)

    This is a example image which ive edited to resembles what the default wallpaper looks like on my phone:

    Ive done a factory reset with little hope of improvement, just wanted to see if more people had this problem and if there is any ways to deal with it or if its a permanent hardware fault.

    So if anyone can shed some light on this problem I would be very thankful!


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  2. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    Hi there.

    I do not think this problem is hardware related, as you say various programs like Angry Birds works just fine.

    I think this problem is rooted in the HTC Sense UI, as you yourself stated that the problem seems to be affecting the menus and background only.

    A way to maybe check this (but I'm not sure though, as I haven't had this problem myself), is to try and open up the image gallery, and see if you get any of these problems while viewing a image.

    If this is the case (i.e. that the image shows up fine, but the menus are still funky), then try force stopping the HTC Sense UI, and clear it's data. Then tap the home screen button and the UI should start up again (however, I am not sure how this will affect your icons, widgets, etc. But hey, if it fixes the problem, then setting it up again ain't that high a price).

    But should this fail as well, I'd say there is something wrong with the UI in the ROM, which means the phone needs to be flashed with new factory settings, meaning you have to send the phone in for reparation :(.

    Hope my advice helps and that the UI gets up again.
  3. OneTrickPony

    OneTrickPony Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply!

    So I did clear HTC Sense cache and reloaded it, It did not work.

    Then I flashed the phone and got Gingerbread ROM on it. I was meaning to do it anyway so this was a good reason to replace the HTC Sense UI abit earlier than I planned.
    Unfortunatly it did not work either, the menues are still abit funky, slightly better tho.
    But it seems to still have problems with some colours or something making it look grainy.

    So the mystery remains....
  4. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    Wow. That is really weird... But other programs still tend to work well in terms of color (i.e. angry birds, picture viewings, etc)?

    I'd make a ticket with HTC. However, you now have flashed the ROM, making your warranty void :(:thinking:... Not good...

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