dj Royal Tee is Androfied

Royal Tee

Sup Fellas & Ladies,
Just wanted to introduce myself and give yall a lil background.

I have been using VZW since before they were even called "Verizon" so I go as far back as analog cells...I did em all, Startac Analog & Digital, LG Clamshells, LG name a few.

Last year we jumped over to the OMNIA 2 and absolutely loved the phone because of it's MultiMedia & Windows capabilities.

Me & The Wifey now have the INCREDIBLE (her) & FASCINATE (me) and I have to damn.:p

I consider myself a realist so I understand there are a few quirks here and there but so far going android has been pretty sweet.
The only thing I can say is that WM6.5 had better was intergration. I miss using MyPhone to sync contacts/Text/Calendars and using outlook & having it sync directly w/Windows Mobile Device Center. It was so seamless.

afa an Intro goes:
I've been dj'ing since the Mid 80's and producing since the early 90's & released a few tracks back in the day. To this day, I am still spinnin'.
I am a Tech-Junkie as Much as I am a Music Junkie...and love anything that deals with them.

afa my current music, FFT check my sig..:eek:

I'm hoping to learn a few things as well as discover a few on my own ....Until then....

....See ya on da Android side

≡dj Royal Tee≡