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Do not Factory Reset your Rooted Phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by roym6, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. roym6

    roym6 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    If you're reading this then you probably did a factory reset from the privacy menu, so now you want to fix your phone. Well if you reset from the privacy menu most likely you will be booted into the recovery menu (you need to be able to get into this menu to fix your phone), but you cannot escape it even after flashing a new rom. So in order to fix your phone you need to do the following:
    Go her Xionia_cwma_recovery.zip_v1.2518.6 and put that file onto the root of your sd card. You can either plug your phone into a PC and use the recovery menu option in the mounts and storage option (select mount USB storage), or to access your phone's SD card from the computer, power off by pulling the battery, then take out the sd card and put it into your computer.
    After transfer: select unmount USB storage if using the option in the recovery, or put uSD card back into the phone and hold home + volume down, then the power button (all at the same time until you see the LG logo)
    Then you go into the recovery's main menu and choose install zip from sd card, then select zip from sd card. After flashing the Xionia recovery.zip hit the back button to get back to the main menu. Go to the Advanced section and select 'reboot recovery" You should now boot into xionia recovery. Go to the Advanced section and select "fix recovery boot loop". Go back to the main menu flash ROM (and Gapps if needed). Reboot into your new ROM and tada you are unbricked :D.

    To get back to stock ROM and everything go here: stock rom

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
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    If other users think this is valid and can confirm this as working, I'll happily merge and stick.

    Can you also post a link to the thread you are referring too?
  3. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Android Enthusiast

    Maybe its because I might be tired or its a sure sign I'm getting old and grouchy but it needs to be said; NEWBIES LISTEN UP!

    1.Do not, I Repeat DO NOT Factory reset your phone using the phone settings menu if you have a custom ROM installed on Your optimus V EVER! Every day there is a new thread in here with the title "I think I bricked my phone!" Or "My phone keeps booting into Recovery" and lo and behold the first sentence I read is "I reset my phone to Factory."

    2. READ the directions on installing a ROM first before you do it, Not while you are doing it. If you have questions please ask away a lot of good people here are happy to help.

    3.Learn to be patient rushing something like this will only cause you to be the proud owner of an expensive paper weight.

    4. Make a backup first before flashing a new ROM even if you didn't in the past it's only a matter of time before something breaks. Don't get stuck without a backup.

    5.DO NOT Factory reset EVER! I don't care if you did it on an old phone or if you did it with x rom and nothing bad happened. Why even take that risk to begin with?

    Hopefully this helped someone new so I don't have to roll my eyes and groan because I'm reading yet another "I bricked my phone thread"

    All thanks for this go to Retorrent. I just copied his post from another forum. I feel this info needs to spread as wide as possible to prevent accidental bricking.
  4. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Android Enthusiast

    I couldn't find it on this forum, however I did find a post on another forum. I have posted it here and given credit to the original author. The link is below, if you can sticky this hopefully this prevent some of the bricking problems people have been having.

  5. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    I can confirm that this will work, and that xionia is probably the best choice since it supports both amend and edify scripting, so it allows you to flash pretty much anything.

    I can also confirm that the reset option under privacy settings is one of the top reasons people have semi-bricked their Optimus V (same for the S). I do believe a sticky on the subject is a good idea.

    However, I believe info should be added about the fastboot screen, since many end up there instead of in the recovery after semi-bricking their OV. Notice I always say semi-brick, that it because I have yet to hear of a truly software bricked Optimus V. Fastboot should work for just about any software related issue that a normal recovery can't.
  6. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    This issue should be stickied in every Optimus V forum that covers custom ROMs.

    If you are not rooted and running a custom ROM, this does not apply to you.
  7. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Android Enthusiast

    Working with a moderator to get this stickied now. Going to try the same on other forums. Someone had to do something to try to stop this. Sorry jerry, this may cut into your part-time job of unbricking phones. Maybe you can find a new hobby like concentrating on helping with rooting and roms
  8. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
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    Merged and stickied.

    Apologies, but merging threads can often break the flow of conversation so this thread looks a little jumbled up. All the salient info is here though.
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  9. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    Hmmm, maybe now I can finally get my build environment working and try to fix some of the internal issues! ;)
  10. so bro, i have dont this so many times with the optimus v it is unreal! i ran through two alreday! i am on my third optimus v in a only a few months because i factory reset. but this is only when i have clockworkmod recovery flashed. and i hate it. so i will not download it anymore. but i did root my phone, only because i like it at its maximum speed. but i do have a question. the very first time i got the phone, and did not even know what rooting was, i factory reset just about every other week. well, this optimus v i got now. i rooted it. but i wanted to factory reset just for the hell of it. so i unrooted it. but i havent factory reset because im afraid i might brick my phone again. so tell me, is it safe to unroot and factory reset the optimus v?
  11. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Android Enthusiast

    As long you completely unroot, restore the stock rom, stock recovery and delete busybox and superuser, you shouldn't have any problem.
  12. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    Why would you want to factory reset every week? Just flash a ROM, and format boot, cache, system, and data, and you've done virtually the same thing as a factory reset with no dangerous side effects. ;)
  13. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    Here, Here. Sound advice indeed. Especially if you won't know for sure if you are unrooted(thought I was totally unrooted,root checker and ROMTools even said I was,did a factory reset through the phone menu and now all I get is the LG logo, that's it) With a custom recovery like Xionia_cwma_12518.4 virgin.image you can flash ROM's,restore ROM's and more,all without bricking the Optimus V
  14. Augustus_4

    Augustus_4 Newbie

    Tried it but does anyone know how select an option in clockworkmod recovery? I can't seem to select anything but I can still move up and down.
  15. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Android Enthusiast

    I believe you need to use the camera button. You might want to change your recovery, The xionia cwma recovery for VM Is the best out there. It will flash any of the roms for our phone. Make sure you get the .4 version.
  16. extracheese

    extracheese Lurker

    My sd card froze my optimus somehow, and now my sd card is damaged. I can't format it from the menu, its greyed out. When the sd card is "clicked in" format is greyed out, when its out, format is available. I tried to trick the phone by clicking in the sd card and clicking format before it greys out, and before the sd card freezes the phone.

    The phone freezes in a few seconds after inserting sd card with the checking for errors notification. If I do a factory reset will it fix the sd card too? I'm thinking probably not, and I may just have to go buy a new card.
  17. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried putting it in a computer?? Do not factory reset if you are rooted!!!
  18. Unknown123

    Unknown123 Newbie

    What should i do if cryogen 7 is installed and its stuck on the boot screen?
  19. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Android Enthusiast

    You have to unmount the sd card before you can format it.
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  20. elflip88

    elflip88 Newbie

    omg i love you!!!! all i had to do was install the xionia hing and rebooted and bam my phone booted up!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  21. Miloispunk

    Miloispunk Newbie

    Thanks, this saved me...to a point. It loads with a android version. However, I can't load the stock rom or anything else. And, if I power down, choose reboot, reload, or take the battery out everything goes away and I start again. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  22. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    The android version is the stock recovery which will not allow you to flash anything.

    If you are rooted then do all these things:

    If you did not backup your apps before you rooted go to the market and download Titanium Backup and AppTyrant and backup your apks, apps and app data only. Do not backup system apps or system data.

    1. You will actually need two recovery's, 1st. Xionia_cwma_12518.6,which is good to have on the sd card because it has an option in the advanced section that will fix a recovery loop (if used for this purpose only you need to keep it zipped), which can be found here [Custom Recovery] Xionia Clockwork (CWMA v1.2518.6) - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com . 2nd the BobZohme modified CWMod recovery(VM670NH_recovery.img),it can be found here https://github.com/inferiorhumanorgans/android_device_lge_thunderc_common/wiki/Binary look just under the list of ROM's for the "V". In "New information".

    The "Touch Screen" recovery (I like this better than the BobZohme recovery) and the CWM-Green recovery (Green recovery is used with the BACKside ROM) can be found here http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-...l-things-root-guide-updated-03-09-2012-a.html

    Update: 01/21/2013
    The ZenGarden recovery is now the best for our phone. It has all the features of the Xionia and Touch Screen + more, so you only need just it on the SD card. It also is in a zipped form for those that need to get out of a recovery loop. It can be found here: http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-...ecovery-zengarden-2-0-2-7-t-01-12-2013-a.html
    Please go thru and familiarize your self with it's menu options as there improved and thus have a slightly different layout than the older recovery's.
    The nandroid (nandroid backup) option is the backup option.

    (Tip): I renamed Xionia recovery to xrecovery.img, the Bob Zohme recovery to brecovery.img and the Touch Screen recovery to trecovery.img. This way all I have to do if I want to switch from one to the other is type in either one's shortened name where it calls for recovery.img in the code. Example: Instead of typing in recovery.img in line #5 of the code, I would type in brecovery.img if I wanted to install the BobZohme recovery.

    You can only have one recovery installed at any given time, but you can have all of them on the sd card (make sure the have different names). Make sure the Xionia recovery is zipped if you just need it to get out of a recovery loop (you can have an unzipped version and a zipped version on the sd card).

    VM670NH and the new "Touch Screen" recovery are great for Harmonia, HarmoniousBumblebee, Resurrected Bumblebee, Gingerbread ROM's and Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Xionia works best for the rest of the Froyo based ROM's including the Bumblebee ROM ( will work on the Harmonia,Harmonious BumbleBee, and Resurrected Bumblebee as well).

    2. The flash_image can be found here flash_image.zip

    3.The Froyo based 2.2; Gingerbread IHO-CM7 ROM's 2.3; or the quattrimus ICS CM9 4.0 ROM (this is now in the BETA stage). Most All Of Them Can Be Found Here Optimus V: All Things Root Guide

    For more Froyo ROM's go here [Reference Guide] Optimus V Modding (READ THIS TO GET STARTED) - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    Some Froyo ROM's will need a kernel installed to work properly with the Hitachi screen found on most new 2.2.2 versions. For more info on this topic go here [FIX]Black screen with custom recovery and custom roms - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    To determine which screen you have go here http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-all-things-root/430626-different-gen-phones.html, you must be rooted and have Busybox installed first.

    Note: You can use any recovery developed for the Optimus V with the Harmonia, HarmoniousBumblebee, and Resurected Bumblebee ROM. These ROM's I know will work fine with the Hitachi screen and do not require a kernel install. All the Gingerbread ROM's in the github work as well as the new ICS and Jellybean ROM's work with the Hitachi screen as well

    4. Make sure you unzip the recovery and the flash image, if not unzipped already. Put them on the Root of the sd card (somewhere near the bottom of the list of file folders on the sd card). The ROM and Gapps need to stay zipped and be put on the root of sd card as well.

    5. Using a root file manager like ES file explorer (just pm me if having a problem setting it up) rename the VM670NH recovery image (or the xionia recovery.img if you are going to install a Froyo based ROM) to recovery.img. This just makes it easy to type in the name of the recovery in the code. You can name it whatever you want as long as you type in the name of the recovery exactly as it is spelled on the sd card when it comes to that part of the code.
    Rename the flash_image.bin to just flash_image
    Move the stock flash_image found in the /system/bin to the SD card.

    6a. Download a terminal emulator from the market. Open it up and type in:

    (line #1) su(return) [If using a command Prompt type in: adb shell (return) instead]
    (line #2) mount_-o_remount,rw_-t_yaffs2_/system_/system(return)
    (line #3) cat_/sdcard/flash_image_>_/system/bin/flash_image(return)
    (line #4) chmod_755_/system/bin/flash_image(return)
    (line #5) flash_image_recovery_/sdcard/recovery.img [or however it's named exactly, on the sd card] (return) If you get a # after typing all that in, continue with the sixth line of code. If you did not, or got an error anywhere, start over.
    (line #6) reboot_recovery(return)

    The red underscores are where the spaces should be, do not type them.
    (return)=do not type this. Just hit the enter key(the one on the bottom right)
    (line #) don't type this in.

    If you just need to flash a recovery then skip the third and forth line of the code.

    Note: If having a problem renaming the flash_image.bin then add the .bin to the flash_image in the 3rd and 4th line of the code so that you are typing in flash_image.bin instead of just flash_image. Once you have installed the flash_image.bin hit the home button to exit the terminal emulator (this will leave it running) , go to the /system/bin on the phone and rename it to just flash_ image. When done go to terminal emulator and finish line 5-6.

    6b. Alternative method: Use the flash_image GUI provided here Flash Image GUI
    This is the easiest way to flash the recovery. It will also install the flash image into the proper directory and folder.

    7. You should now be in your recovery. To scroll use the up/down volume keys. To select: Use the camera key if you flashed theVM670NH recovery (any ClockworkMod recovery), or, either the menu key or the home key if you flashed the Xionia recovery (if you choose one and it makes the screen go blank just hit it again and then use the other). This first thing (and most important) you need to do is go to the backup and restore section and select backup (this will make a backup of your current system in case you make a mistake with the ROM install).
    If you want to restore a backup you will first have to wipe and format everything that's needed to install a ROM as mentioned below. Then select the restore option and pick the date stamp of the nandroid backup you want to install.

    8. ROM installation instructions:

    (Update for the ZenGarden recovery- just go to wipe option and select every option once to thoroughly satisfy the pre-ROM wipe requirements of A, B, C, and D below).

    Now you need to do all these things(this must be done when installing a new ROM) from the recovery.
    A. wipe data/factory reset
    B. wipe cache partition.
    C. wipe dalvik cache(advanced section)
    Now that your rooted, YOU MUST NEVER USE THE FACTORY RESET IN THE PRIVACY MENU ON THE PHONE . This will mess up your phone and require a PC and much gnashing of your teeth, and possible loss of some system functionality.
    D. go to mounts and storage. Select format boot,system,data,and cache
    E. go to install zip from sd card
    F. go to select zip from sd card, select the Gingerbread ROM.zip that you put on the root of the sd card. When done go back and select the gapps. When done hit the back button once.
    G.,When all this is done select reboot system now.
    ( for Froyo ROM's just install the ROM, thats all. You don't need the Gapps)

    9. It will take 5-10min.for the initial reboot. If you installed a Gingerbread ROM you will be asked to sign in,skip all this.

    Now you can go to the market app and click on it and sign in to your google account (you must have your e-mail address and log in code). Reboot the phone twice then go back to the market and download the app you used to backup your apps. Restore your apps. Set up your apps. Once you get everything set up just the way you like it and all your apps are just where you want them,go back into your recovery and make a backup of that ROM. You can now delete the first backup if you need to (you might keep it if you ever need to revert back to stock to sell the phone).

    WARNING: Do not restore system data from a backup. Do not restore apps from your backups that are already included in the new ROM (you can restore app data). This will cause force closure issues and can corrupt the ROM.

    10. If you want to install a theme all you have to do is go into the recovery and wipe cache partition and dalvik cache, then go to the same option you did to install the ROM (theme must remain zipped)
    When you need to install an update to an installed ROM,all you have to do is wipe cache,and dalvik.
    If you want to install a kernel or patch, wipe cache partition and dalvik cache. Then go to the same option you had to, to install the ROM.

    11. To change the boot animation if you are rooted(must remain zipped) go to /system/media(make sure that you have changed permission of the system from r/o to r/w) and delete the boot animation found there ( you can move and save it to a folder on the sd card as well). Then copy the boot animation you have on the sd card and paste it where the old animation used to be (on next reboot it will be there).

    12. Just as important as the nandroid backup is writing down your AAA, ESN, and MIN code. Keep these in a safe place for possible use in case you should brick your phone (happens to the best of use). The Video Tutorials for getting these from your phone can be found here: http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-...-proof-d-well-easy-way-get-msl-optimus-v.html and here: http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-all-things-root/602299-how-get-aaa-password-off-optimus-v.html
  23. Miloispunk

    Miloispunk Newbie

    Thanks for the reply.

    Because my PC won't recognize my phone I ended paying someone to fix it for me. This was caused by my lovely 2 year old daughter playing with my phone when I was fixing dinner. My fault, I should have put it up. She likes to push buttons and somehow got to factory reset. Yea me.

    Now I am digging through the forums trying to find a rom that works. CM7 (two versions that I have tried anyway) won't let me get MMS. AOSP wont let me have 3G. I will try your green machine suggestion. Hope I can get rid of the green theme.

    Anyway, thanks for all of the help.
  24. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    You don't have to flash the theme,it's separate from the ROM,read the first post of the BACKside ROM.
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  25. viewfindr

    viewfindr Lurker

    Somewhat of a different question, but my friend is having a bootloop issue and it seems to be worse than everyone else's - the restore was performed on a rooted device with no custom recovery installed. Thus, it's cycling on the silver LG logo, nothing seems to be working - even adb doesn't seem to recognize it. Any ideas? TIA!

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