Root Do you need to do a full wipe if you just want to re flash your current rom?


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I tried something on my phone and lost wifi and 3g so I did a restore but now my battery is not what it used to be and I am running into another problem. Phone shut itself off yesterday for some reason. I think I may need to just reflash my rom. I would be reflashing the same rom though. So my question is can I just wipe delvic and cache partition then reflash or should I do a full wipe? I am on Epic Venum Lean ek02 rom. Thanks for any input.


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Nevermind, I just installed a different kernel to get it to work.

Your not even the one that made the thread why are you saying nevermind? I still need assistance here. I reflashed the rom I had because I was running into trouble but I didnt do a full wipe I just wiped cache and delvic now the phone restarts at least 2 times a day. Should I do a full wipe and then reflash? Could that be what is causing it to reboot?


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restarts are caused by either a bad flash, a bad program, a bad kernel, over clocking, undervolting, or any number of things.
I would totally wipe everything, redownload the rom, ref lash it, and restore only a few programs at a time, so you can try to isolate what the problem may be

If you are over clocking, or undervolting, than don't do that and see if that stops the restarts