samsung epic 4g touch

  1. 2

    Root Just rooted my s2 epic 4g touch...

    now a system update notification popped up, if i update will it remove root?? should i update?
  2. K

    Help Glitch in "OK Google"

    I have an Epic 4g Touch - GB27 4.1.2 rooted with CWM mod. Everything is working just fine except for one glitch in the "OK Google" operation. If I tap the microphone and then speak a query, I get the appropriate response answers, either through voice response of list of web sites. If I say OK...
  3. auburn2eugene

    Root Any lollipop ROMs?

    Searching Google, I have seen there is a lollipop ROM for all other variants of this phone. Are there any developers left for this phone? ANY chance of getting a lollipop ROM? Or can you please point me in the direction of one? Thanks for your time
  4. Gldrz1

    Root Trying to flash CM kitkat 4.4.4 on Epic 4g Touch ICS 4.0.4 Fl24

    I really hope someone can help me, just got this phone then rooted it using framaroot and installed recovery agat but i heard about some sort of brickbug, now i downloaded an app that would check for this bug turns out it does have it just wanna know how to go about it if anyone please has any...
  5. K

    Help Voicemail Icon on Epic 4GT

    The Voicemail icon has disappeared from my home screen and from the full Apps list. Voicemail works fine and the app appears in the All listing of Application Manager. I can get voicemails by holding down 1 on the phone keypad but I would like the icon back. Thanks for any assistance.
  6. K

    Help Google Voice Search has no audio output

    I have an Epic 4g Touch, upgraded to Jellybean 4.1.2 GB27 and it is rooted. I installed Google Now Launcher and upgraded Google Search. When I use the "OK Google" command, the search box opens but there is no audio and the results of searches do not provide spoken output. I have set the Settings...
  7. S

    Help Random GPS Signal Lost (Epic 4G Touch SPH-D710)

    I have been having an issue for the past few months that's driving me bonkers! A couple months ago, I took a road trip and the GPS locked on within seconds at home and worked perfectly fine for the most part. There were moments where it kept saying "GPS Signal Lost". I did a bit of research...
  8. K

    Help Cannot boot into Recovery Mode

    I recently upgraded my Sprint Galaxy SII to ICS. Now, try as I might, I cannot get into Recovery Mode. After powering down I tried holding vol-up and vol-down+power and it went past recovery and booted normally. I tried over and over again. The phone is stock. Vol-down+power does put me into...
  9. D

    Help Samsung Galaxy S2 and Bluetooth Receiver

    I'm trying to use my phone with an iLive IAB13 Bluetooth Received & Adapter to listed to the tv through my phone. I can't find any kind of tech support with iLive - I downloaded BTMono, plugged the receiver into the audio jacks on the cable box, but I can't get any sound through my phone. my...
  10. I

    Help Power button broken and need to turn on phone? URGENT

    So i have tried many guides online that say to hold your volume up and down buttons to get your phone into recovery, but nothing seems to work on the s2 by sprint. I really need to turn this phone on urgently, is there any other way to turn it on? it is just stuck on the battery charging screen...
  11. P

    Help Home button and lockscreen not working HELP

    Recently the home button and my lockscreen on my S2 has kind of stopped working. For the home button, it still vibrates when I press it, but it doesn't do any action. If I long press to view all the windows I have open, I only get one pulse and can't view all my windows to "properly" exit out...
  12. F

    Help kitkat problem

    well the problem is i caint get wifi to work with any jb rom even 4.1 can someone please help me.ics works fine just jb tried 4 kitkat roms same problem and sd card wion't all help would be much appreciated thanks in advanced.
  13. A

    Root update prl

    I have the cyanogen mod 10.1 and I connected my phone yesterday. I'm trying use my phone but I can't call or text. I need to update my profile and prl but there's no options for it
  14. Manoj210891

    Root Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G(D710) Kitkat Rom(4.4.4)

    Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Features: CM11 Kitkat4.4.4 open source project based on the latest source code to compile production, the source added come in electricity and SMS attribution , perfect T9 dialing support and other functions, perfect stability, prohibit copying the update log: 1...
  15. R

    Help Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Won't Roam

    I just bought a used Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic. I like a phone with a slideout keyboard and this one seemed like the best deal. I'm on a Sprint Framily plan (which includes unlimited roaming). Saturday, I went to my local Sprint store and had it activated. All was good, as I have good Sprint...
  16. K

    Help Factory Reset Question

    I have a Sprint Galaxy S2 which I recently upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. At first everything worked fine but today it started crashing the Settings screen when using Bluetooth. (Unfortunately, Settings has stopped working). Since it was working after the upgrade, I would like to hard reset the...
  17. M

    Help Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Issue-Need Help

    my NON-ROOTED cell was stuck on the Samsung Galaxy S2 black/white message...I took out the battery to "rest" it, but it didn't work. What I've done or tried to do so far: 1-recovery, i did wipes. Now I CANNOT enter recovery mode, it just shows the little Android guy for a really long time...
  18. P

    Help Samsung GS2 doesn't detect Wifi.

    My mom's Samsung GS2 has recently, over the past 2 months or so, been having trouble with our home Wifi network. In the past, the device would detect and connect to the network instantly. However, now it doesn't even detect the network after becoming disconnected. The phone can be reconnected to...
  19. C

    Help won't stop rebooting and need to get pic

    My Galaxy S2 with sprint won't stop rebooting and I need to get the pics off the phone memory. Anybody have any ideas?
  20. O

    Phone stuck in boot loop...

    Need help restoring Galaxy 2 S, SD710. Here is what I think happened. I had not updated my apps in awhile, did not have it set to update on the 4G network. I connected to the wireless network, as 4G was sucking at the time. Well the apps started updating, and I didn't put it on the charger...
  21. X

    Help options for tethering new tab pro

    newbie looking for guidance, for tethering new devise, im not really interested in rooting the s2, but I had the tethering option at 20. per month with sprint for my laptop, in dropping that fee, with the new tab pro, im researching the best alternative for inet access when traveling, be it...
  22. thejerk

    Root imaging phone and installing on another?

    i dont want to clone the phone. what i want to do is clone the OS and install that on the exact same phone model. i want to avoid going through the flashing process, since the phone that i want to clone the OS of is already flashed to cricket. will this work if they are both running the...
  23. K

    Help Failed root, need help

    I'll be honest, it's been months since I did this so I don't remember exactly what happened... I'm hoping with what information I have, I'll be able to recover my device still I tried to root my device. I remember that when I tried installing the new rooted ROM, I figured out too late that it...
  24. G

    Root Emoji help?!

    Hello everyone ! I just recently started getting into "Rooting" the main reason I wanted to root my phone is because, I wanted my Galaxy S2 to be able to read Iphone emojis. I read up on this and decided to go with the root way ( all other ways I tried failed ). I've tried multiple Emoji...
  25. V

    Help How to get cwm 6 on my e4gt ?

    I have a rooted e4gt but i want cwm to get custom roms