Download music app that has the album art

anyone know of a music app that downloads mp3s with the art? I used music junk before and some of the files would have the art but its no longer in the market.


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Try Cubed and see if it works for you. I use it and love it. You do have to "manually" download the art in that you must select an option to download the art. But, one click and a few minutes later, it will have all the art downloaded and attached to the albums.



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Not that I know of. Your best bet is a tag editor to update the album art or an app like the one mentioned above. It would be tricky to create an app that can intercept all MP3 downloads, determine if album art is missing and then download and update the MP3 as needed. Apps that download music tend to so only from a single source.


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I agree with takeshi in using a tag editor. Once you edit the tag with the album art you no longer have to worry about needing an app to do this. After editing the tag, the album art will be there no matter what player you use.