Droid X2 or HTC Thunderbolt or something else...?


Hi everyone. I'm moving on from a boring feature phone to a smartphone!

After having looked at the different available phones for Verizon, I am trying to choose between an HTC Thunderbolt and a Droid X2. I know that they are pretty different phones so they are hard to compare, but I would like anyone's honest input. Even suggest something else! I have looked at the Charge and the Fascinate, but those are kind of ruled out right now.

At home 3G is available. At college 4G is available. I'm not sure if I would actually use 4G since I hear it's an absolute battery killer.

I didn't really want a huge phone to begin with, but the ones I am interested in are all pretty big/bulky.

I am not interested in rooting a phone or whatever it is where you go within a phone to customize certain things.

I like that the X2 is kind of slim, has a great screen and a dual-core processor

I like that the Thunderbolt is 4G because upgrades could come out where it doesn't kill battery life or something. Many of my friends have HTCs and I really like the interface. I also like the front facing camera because that means I could probably video chat with my friends who also have HTCs.

The hardest part about choosing between these phones is that there seem to be so many problems with each of them (primarily on these forums). Is this because of people rooting their devices?

I'm really not sure at all which phone I should get. They each have their own pros and cons, of course. I am most likely purchasing a phone next weekend, so if you guys have any ideas about upcoming software or phones, that info is also appreciated.
Thanks so much for helping! :D


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If I don't get 4G locally in the near or distant future, I kind of like the Droid X2 because of the dual core. Dual core and a beautiful (and large) display are the deal maker for me and 4G is just gravy after that.


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Wait for the Samsung Galaxy S II. It will be the standard against which all are judged. Should be available on most US carriers by Sept/Oct. 4G/LTE, Super AMOLED Plus screen, 1080p recording. dual cameras, dual core 1.2G processor 1g of RAM all in a package slimmer than the iPhone. This will be the gold standard for some time.


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Thanks for the responses, and I don't really want to wait any longer since I just got a new job and would like stay on top of emails and have my Google calendar integrated.


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Between the X2 and Thunderbolt, not accounting for personal UI preference, I'd pick the X2 every time. Specification's alone it's the faster device. I have no 4G coverage in my area so that wouldn't be a deciding factor for me.