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Easy way to make a goldcard - takes less than 2 mins

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adz63, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ok i have been trying to get ROM on my hero but i have to use the goldcard method ...

    i found this on a site [PC Application] GoldCardTool - Android @ MoDaCo ..... its not mine and i take no credit for it but thought i should share it with the people who do not no about it and for the less technical minded like me its easy to do and takes less than 2 mins

    lol here is 1 real big tip this will make you laugh . dont forget to plug your phone into your pc . i was trying and trying for about 15mins before i stopped being thick that i tried to use this program with my phone on charge in the mains and not plugged in com and synced lmfao ... all this trying toput ROM on has fried my brain

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  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    I've stickied this thread since it's such a useful tool.

    In the future we might combine this with one of the rooting guides (to cut down on the number of stickies), but we'll see how it goes.
  3. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    if you use this method please give your feedback for others who have not goldcarded

    still not put ROM ON LOL :(
  4. AfroThunder

    AfroThunder Lurker

    Thank you! I've been trying to use this tool on my XP (SP2) machine, but keep getting a 'failed to initialise properly (0xc0000135)' error- do you know how I can fix this? Thanks.
  5. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    im no expert on this as i only found it and thought i would share with everyone , but i have been looking at the site and it says its tested on win7 and vista only and not tested on xp but i read through the forum and someone who has xp got it working with this method, so it maybe worth giving it a shot

    1st of all you must run as administrator

    Run the HTC Sync app from your computer and connect your device and select "HTC Sync"
    3; Allow enough time that both devices can see and talk to each other - [maybe 30 seconds or 30 minutes]
    4; Once they can see each other just go ahead and kill the HTC Sync app and change connection type to "Disk Drive"
    5; From "My Computer" select your SD card and right click to select "Format..."
    6; Under "File System" click the drop down box and select "FAT32" and then click "Start" - [maybe 30 seconds or 30 minutes]
    7; Once the format has been done, disconnect your device and check if USB Debugging is enabled - [Go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development and enable "USB Debugging"] Make sure this is selected.
    8; Connect your device to the computer and select "Charge Only"
    9; Open Klutsh GoldCard Tool and click "Get CID" - [change between MMC1 or MMC0 if first choice didn't work]
    10; Copy the CID number and click on the link under "Gold Card Gen"
    11; Fill out your details including CID and wait for the .img file to be sent to your email and download.
    12; On your device now change to "Disk Drive" and make sure that the GoldCard program can now see the drive.
    13; Click on "Load GoldCard.img" and find and select where you downloaded your img to.
    14; Click on "Patch MMC"
    15; Done.

    also check to see if you have the latest microsoft NETframework.... i think the latest is 3.5 with 4 on its way soon

    as i say im no expert but this is what i found while searching

    all credit should go to klutsh
  6. akiramar

    akiramar Lurker

    It worked for me.
    I am new at this, and this was my first GolCard. Everything worked as expected and explained.
    I had a locked Croatian T-Mobile Touch G2 with Android 1.5 without any possibility to upgrade, now I have a rooted HTC HERO with VillainROM 12 :D

    Did all on a Windows XP SP3 computer.
  7. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    good job
  8. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    thought i should add , that my mate brought a hero off ebay and had to go through all the things i did and i used this goldcard method on his phone , worked 1st time running vista home premium
  9. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    This usually means that the Dot Net Framework 2.0 is not installed.
  10. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    did the framework , work for you now mr cheese , is everything ok now
  11. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    Installing Dot Net Framework fixed error and program now runs.
    I have not been able to get it to read the CID yet.
  12. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    have u used mmc and mmc1

    also some memory cards you cant goldcard .. i dont know which ones exactly my 8gb sandisk was a fail but a 2gb sandisk was all good ... and i think most of all the kingston cards work to .... did you change to FAT 32
  13. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    Tried MMC 0 and 1.
    Using 2GB Scandisk.

    No luck yet getting CID.
  14. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    actually mine are not san disk .. my ones just say 2gig and 8 gig micro sd

    have you WIPED/FORMATTED AND made your card FAT 32


    another thing sould be that the adb server is out of date , but dont ask me anything about that ... xyro or slug will be able to help ya out on that 1

    is usb debugging on
  15. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    I think I have got the gold card right now.
    Is there a way to confirm it is "good".
    I am trying to now load a stock ROM but it is failing and I am not sure why just yet.
  16. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    what is it saying when trying to install ROM ,there is a way to tell if its working xyro posted it to me in another thread . i will go look for it and post it here within 5mins

    edit .. ok maybe 5 hours coz i cant find it anywhere . im sure xyro will be able to post it when he gets on

    is it failing on an ruu error code like 140 , 70 or 71
  17. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    I'm not sure if I posted a surefire way to test it (but then I do have a pretty bad memory :p), but you can usually tell from the error messages you're getting. So yeah, if it's giving you an error code like the one adz mentioned that would be good to know :)
  18. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    I run the RUU EXE and it displays my Phones current version and prompts me to udate.
    The Phone resets and shows only the HTC Logo and the PC shows a dialog "Waiting for bootloader...".
    This screen eventually times out and displays an Error 171. USB connection problem.
    The phone is stuck on the logo, when I pull out cable the phone showns half the bootloader screen (the one when you hold Vol Down on startup), but all the menu is missing and only has RUU in it.
    I could not find a way out of the screen so had to pull battery and then phone restarts fine.
  19. adz63

    adz63 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i had the exact same issue when trying to downgrade my ROM . since i got 2.1 i never had to go down that route so i cant help ya there
  20. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Well with that error message it means you've not even got to the stage involving the goldcard. You need to sort the USB connection out first.

    Are you using the most recent version of HTC Sync?
  21. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    I am running Windows 7 64 bit. Are there any issues using 64 bit?
    I have installed the lastest HTC Sync from HTC before I ran the RUU. Using Version 3.0.5422.
    The USB connection appears to be OK until the phone is restarted by the RUU for flashing.
    I was going to try and redo the Gold Card, but from your post you don't think my Gold card is the problem here.
  22. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    Yeah. Its done.I am on Foryo without any Telstra stuff to be seen.

    Xyro suggesting USB issues I think is correct.
    I removed HTC Sync and the 2 HTC USB Drivers. Re-booted and re-installed the latest HTC Sync.
    I also left my Security software off (which I beleive I had done before anyway).
    I read on a couple of forums I needed to run 2.1 unbranded first, then upgrade to Froyo.
    So I first ran:
    Then ran:
    All good. If you are NOT using Telstra, then this is the way to go for sure.
    Thanks to all.
  23. skipjimroo

    skipjimroo Newbie

    I too am at the Goldcard making stage but I seem to have hit an iceberg from the offset.

    Going here for the goldcard download tool:

    http://roottools.dmoproductions.co.uk/Tools/PC/GoldCard Tool.rar

    Means I'm immediately prompted to enter a user name and password which I do not have.

    Meanwhile making a visit to here for said tool:

    Free HTC goldcard generator | RevSkills

    sees me pressured by the website for my SD car's Serial number(CID).

    I have no idea where/how I can find my card's serial number. There's nothing written on it!!!

    Any help is muchly appreciated. I've never felt more shit or inept at anything in my life since I started trying to root my phone :(
  24. MrCheese

    MrCheese Newbie

    Hey skipjimroo.
    I have not done this in a while as I have now gone the root path.

    Looks like a little may have changed out there but try the following links for info on creating a gold card.
    You only need one if you are trying to install a stock ROM onto a branded handset (as far as I know).
    I beleive the process is to bypass the "region protection" used by vendors, it is not a rooting procedure.

    Easy guide:
    [PC Application] GoldCardTool - Android @ MoDaCo

    Goldcard tool download (please note it is a newer version than the one I used myself):

    The web stie to generate your gold card image from:
    Free HTC goldcard generator | RevSkills

    You have to use the GoldCardTool to get the CID off your SD Card and then enter this into the PSAS website which will then email you an IMG file to apply back onto the SD card.

    Read all this posts in this thread as well as I found it quite usefull.

    Good luck.
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  25. skipjimroo

    skipjimroo Newbie

    Thanks Mr Cheese, that's some very welcome info you provided me with there.

    I've been agonizing for a while now over whether it's worth making a goldcard or not. I decided I'd rather have it on the off chance that I should ever need to send my phone back to my network provider (I have an incredibly comprehensive insurance plan with them i.e: they replaced my phone yesterday because I told them about how my volume rocker was slightly unresponsive!) and I'd rather send them back an unbranded rom than a custom one. This is all in they hope that they perhaps wouldn't even notice as they begin the refurbishment process with my old handset.

    But yeah, thanks so much for the links. It's all starting to come together now ;)

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