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exhanging my phone..

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by kraze0g, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. kraze0g

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    buying it from an official verizon store, i got the eris and i dont want it nemore, it lacks what i need for business and college. i want to try the droid out but im afraid that i'll be dissapointed (one thing that scares me is the phone itself and the bad 'voice' quality ive been hearing about)..

    i know you only get 1 exchange from verizon's 30 day, but has anyone been able to work around this? if i go to the droid, i dont want to be pitifully dissatisfied and want to return it but can't. im asking because i had a bb tour for about 3 months, talked to the manager about how i was unhappy with it, and he let me exchange for the eris. this did not count against me however, i sttill have an exchange left. has anyone had any luck from going from the eris >> droid (or other way around) and then doing an additional exchange either back or going straight to their original phone (with possible in-store credit to prevent you from simply moving around to find what works best for u and not just playing around). i found that if you talk to a manager and they see your a high-paying verizon client, they will work with you no matter what.

    what has been your guys' experiences with this? anything interesting?

  2. Phydeaux

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    I believe you can return a new phone within your 30-day trial and reactivate your old phone indefinitely. This is assuming you still have it and it still works.

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