Root Existing root methods and recent ICS update?



It seems like most of the activity on this thread has died off, but I've seen a couple users facing the same issue I am and no solutions.

I just updated my Tab to 4.0.4 with the most recent (US) OTA update. After using it a bit, I decided that it was finally time to root my device. There were a few posts questioning whether or not the established root methods would work with the newest update, and a few conflicting answers.

Just now, I tried to root using the guide here on Android Forums. Every step worked perfectly, but I checked with Root Checker after successfully flashing the root zip, and it said that I do not have root access. I checked with a few other root-only apps, and was given the same message.

So does anyone have any ideas or solutions?



I just got a galaxy tab 2 and it has 4.04 installed. I'm having the same issues. I just want to root. Has anyone found a solution?


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For the Tab 10.1, wifi only, model 7510, running official US ICS 4.0.4, if anyone needs the correct files for rooting, I have them.
Just give a holler via PM.
The files are CWM, and SuperSU.
And, SuperSU can be uninstalled, and updated via the Store.
These are the files I used, and everything works fine on my tab.