samsung galaxy tab 10.1

  1. A


    I copied several music files to the android tablet. Google play music is no use to me. A cannot get rid of the recommendations. Dont like it's cluttered UI. Can I play the music without the omnipotent google? I wont download music Do I need an app at all? Thanks all
  2. C

    Tab A 10.1 Any shock proof flip cases?

    So I got the Tab A 10.1 the other day. I like using Shock proof cases but also want one of those booklet looking cases that you can flip open and close. Tried looking for duo one but can't find it. Something like this. Video above has the Shock Proof case and the flip in one. Does anyone...
  3. W

    Turning off sound notification for play store?

    Ive moved from a jelly bean phone to a marshmallow tablet,When ever i get app updates from the playstore on my tablet i get a sound notification is there a way to stop getting the sound but still get the notification come up on the display?
  4. W

    Is there a wifi timer on this phone?

    I have a Samsung A 10.1 running marshmallow i was looking for the wifi timer in the settings but cant seem to find it anywhere?
  5. F

    Help Buttons not lighting up

    I have just bought a Samsung Tab A 10.1. I am very pleased overall but am disappointed that the back and recent buttons are not illuminated. Is there some way that I can turn on the illumination?
  6. J

    Weird email ?

    My emails in my folders are deleting themselves, but the emails in my In Box are OK.... More than a bit annoying as you put them in folders with the purpose of saving them, any suggestions please?
  7. Reginaldo M Santos

    Samgung Galaxy Tab 10 do not start

    Hello, I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-N8000) and it is no longer starting. I tried to hard reset but the only available option is the recovery by Odin. I downloaded the original ROM from and followed the procedure. After finish the download, when starting the fresh new ROM, same...
  8. P

    Any Way to Recharge Galaxy Tab 10.1 While Using USB?

    I have a wireless keyboard that for some stupid reason does not use Bluetooth. It is a Logitech product and has a proprietary wireless adapter, that connects to the tablet by the USB port. It works fine, but the side effect of this architecture is that I cannot leave the tablet charging. Is...
  9. T

    Just installed DiskDigger and.......

    It reveled a number of pictures that I will need to address my teenage son about. However, I wish to "clean" these residual files from the "depths" of my tablet. What would be the best course of action. PS. It appears my son has very good taste.... However! Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. B

    HELP! cannot import chrome bookmarks from my PC

    I am using Chrome 50 on my windows PC. I am signed into my gmail account and have sync on. I have a basic chrome browser on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. It is Chrome 43.0,2357.93. I am signed in there. If I got to menu, and bookmarks all that shows up is mobile bookmarks folder but there is nothing...
  11. M

    Help Galaxy Tab 10.1 wont delete data

    So i have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Model: SCH-I905, Version 4.0.4) that is having an issue where the data on the device wont reset. Multiple methods have been tried such as soft and hard reset, data reset, cache wipe, and simply letting the battery run dry. When one removes the data manually like...
  12. D

    Tablet Memory/ External Question

    I have a Samsung Galaxt Tab 10.1 (GT-P7510) I believe. It has 16GB. Here is my question. The memory is full, no way to expand since it does not have a slot for a memory card. I have deleted and removed all apps I do not use. My question is, is there a way to have a external memory card with a...
  13. G

    Help Galaxy tab 10.1 won't turn on.

    I have a Galaxy Tablet that won't turn on. I have tried all the suggestions, start button holding & touching screen, start button down for 10 sec. 20 sec. 2 minutes, 2 sec. , start button & volume, everything. I had a repair place even check the battery for me & they said it was good. Plug -in...
  14. darthurson

    Help Moving my bookmarks

    How do I transfer my bookmarks from the Internet app on my tablet to chrome
  15. P

    Help google play store has stopped

    hello all .. nice to be here .. i bought a samsung galaxy 10.1 tab for my wife and we can't get on to the google play store .. any help is appreciated .. thanks .. dave
  16. D

    New Android user, need help!

    Hi, I am a newbie to both the forum and Android & I also need some help & advise please , I have a Samsung 10.1 pad, I also have a USB stick with Outlook emails I back up on when I go overseas so I have a record of files should anything pop up I need to address ( I normally take my laptop but I...
  17. catrulz

    Help My Tablet Won't Show Game Scores.

    I've been playing Bejeweled Blitz and I noticed within the past week my score and daily challenge is not showing on screen after I complete a round. Contacted PopTop Games and with through the steps the support team suggested, still nothing shows. Has anyone ever had this problem with playing...
  18. D

    Root Samsung Galaxy 10.1 stuck on Samsung logo

    Since my tablet restarted the other day the tablet only gets as far as the Samsung Logo?? N8010 I've got Odin installed on my laptop, Galaxy drivers and the tablet will go into download mode. I'm not sure where to go for a recovery rom file? Is this the correct route for fixing my tablet? Thanks
  19. Ange au sourire

    Help How to pear Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Microsoft Miracast

    Hi Everybody I try to pear my tablett with my MS Miracast dongle on my Samsung TV without success I use wifi-direct feature but the result after searching time is "not device fund" Please help Regards,
  20. C

    Help Half circle shadows when scrolling

    Hi folks.New to the tablet world with a Samsung Tab 4 10.1 T530. My concern is when scrolling, especially on a webpage, when I get to the very top or bottom of the page, a half circle 'shadow' appears then disappears -- like an indication to let you know you've reached the beginning or end of...
  21. P

    Root Restoring back to stock Lolipop

    I ended up bricking my tablet and recovery and the firmware was not loading. Luckily the download mode was still available. So what I did was download Odin 3.07 and downloaded the stock firmware Lolipop. Now when I downloaded it, it was...
  22. M

    Help Samsung Tab 10.1

    When I browse the web on my Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 I cannot download pictures form any website. Can someone advise?
  23. Jfalls63

    Help Gmail update

    My galaxy tab 10.1 sch i905 doesn't seem to like the latest Gmail update from the Playstore. Tried the normal fix of clearing data/cash and uninstall updates then updating again. I get same result,connection error, when I open app. If I do fix without updating, stock app( no updates) works fine...
  24. A

    Help Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Model: GT-N8013ZW) stuck on booting screen

    Hello. A few days ago my tablet started to act up. I left it charging as I normally do. I woke up and noticed that it was stuck on the booting screen (black screen with Samsung galaxy note 10.1.) We ended up researching up solutions and we tried the whole holding down the power and down button...
  25. Meridae

    Help Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-NT8000) won't charge

    Hi all - sorry that I'm asking a question that has probably been asked and answered many times (I have done some browsing through the support threads but nothing fits quite right), and that I'm really very technologically illiterate. I have a 2 or so year old Samsung Tablet (model as above -...