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Support Facebook Calendar Issues...why is Facebook so BAD on Android????

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fegriffith, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. fegriffith

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    Nov 8, 2009

    Nov 8, 2009
    Yet another day of frustration with Facebook...

    I have the application installed...and I'm using Jorte calendar because it can be defaulted to the Google calendar when adding new events, etc.

    So whenever someone sends me a Facebook event the damn thing shows up on my Jorte calendar. EVEN IF I DELETE IT. It's not showing up on my Google calendar.

    People send more CRAP events through Facebook and it pisses me off to no end to see a freaking event on my personal calendar that goes for 180 days straight AND it's a crap event (such as REMINDER to "like" [insert stupid thing to "like"])

    Bottom line...how the hell do I get these damn things OFF the calendar??? I deleted it from Facebook, it's not on my Google calendar, and I'm unable to delete it within Jorte OR the native calendar application.

    I just can not get over how bad Facebook is on this damn thing. I'm ready to uninstall it and just forget Facebook entirely. It's a shame...I DO like having the birthday events.

    ETA: O.k. I went within the native calendar application and unchecked Facebook...this has resulted in the removal of the dumb events and it appears it has still retained the birthdays. I guess the birthdays are syncing in at the contact level...

    This is a solution for me for now, though I do (once in a blue moon) get a legitimate event I might want to have...but I'll just manually add it to my Google calendar for now...much less frustrating.


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