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Stalkers put a PR package/custom root on my device

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Nolan_B, May 29, 2020.

  1. Nolan_B

    Nolan_B Lurker
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    Please forward too right forum new to site and don't know how to change the thread....

    Bin getting stalked for like 5 years always had problems with my devices (all types) (currently on a blu view1) events transpired for me to post this after looking at my device system apps someone's got a hidden menu. I'm not the best with devices but from doing y research it seems like a custom OS. They have everything restricted so I can't find the answers need in online searches without having to really dig. Seems like they can **** with all my apps and they have it set so I can't wipe the operating system. In my system apps there's two big ones a root PA, GBA services in these there's a bunch of branches to other supposed " system apps" there's even a engineer mode and bunch of operator plugins that say there system apps everything says it's in the foreground but I can't see or disable these apps. I can't take screenshots anymore or even pictures everything is being sent to an external storage but I don't have these things setup or no how too. No SD card in phone. My Google play app version even says PR in the number sequence. All these things are either version 1.0 or higher and even after updates my version stays at just 9. Over any music or video I hear people talking sometimes even myself.... Images flash on my screen from time to time. Apps crash out of no where. Even typing messages text get deleted or there's times like someone else is tapping on my screen. When my phone is off there is times the screen lights up or sound come out my device. I turn it back on and it was like someone was using it or maybe it got reset somehow one of the apps is a setup wizard and system settings so idk if even me trying to block and shut off access too data and battery is even doing anything. Something dealing with MLK and some app called ygps but I can't access it too see what it is. There's also sim toolkit and multiples of actual system apps calling, messages, and so on. Live wall paper app and there's times it seems like there's something happening in the background of my screen either on/off If anyone can help at all please send me a message. These people say terrible things and scare the living hell out of me constantly. Is there anyway they can be traced back or is it just a dead end. I'm so sick of these events happening I'm literally losing friends, relationships, and my families respect cause they just say I'm crazy when I try to bring up someone doing these things to my device. I'm sick of rumors and lies going around my town because of these individuals and there friends cause hell on my life I've attempted suicide several times from this hardcore cyber bullying that's literally spilling out and into my real life there's times it seems like there messing with anyone possible to cause a problem with me. Any thing helps god bless

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  2. Davdi

    Davdi Android Expert

    Has anyone else had access to your phone?
    Regardless of that, personally, I'd just get a new SIM card from your provider and leave Bluetooth, mobile data and WiFi turned off. I'd also install a call blocker app and block any numbers you don't recognise.

    And if you're really worried, buy a new phone to go with the new SIM.
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  3. neitblaeck

    neitblaeck Lurker

    Hang in there. Even if it doesn't go away completely trust me you will be able to learn to live with it. I know every day can be a struggle at times but you will find light at the end of the tunnel. Try to make wise decisions when it comes to your phone as it can pose a threat to someone in your circumstances. I've been a TI since November 2011 and I'm making it through with lots of the same happenings. Be sure to turn off your wifi and bluetooth and gps when not in use and possibly even turn your phone off when not in use. Changing phones and carriers and even cable carrier/ satellite company as well as ISP never helped much for me. Like I said, hang in there because time does make a difference with not giving a bleep. darth.png Pardon me and don't worry so much about what other people think. Its none of our business anyway. God bless.
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  4. Gandiflop

    Gandiflop Newbie

    I'm having similar bother with hacker there a pain on the arse lol, I got a new phone & it's still happening lol.
    It's Google my friend once they have your info it's so easy for any one to get every thing u need to hack u, look on YouTube at thehatedone there are a few good tips to reduce the amount of Info u leave for hackers to gather I followed his bid on anomnimity brouseng & it has massively reduce my problems ten fold but I am still getting bother, get your self a pixel & install carbonos use encrypted email with a authentication app, duckduckgo net guard don't connect your phone to social media with app use the brouser he got loads of tips give it a watch
  5. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    been on android ever since its inception. never had any troubles with hackers or malware on my devices. i am just careful where i do my web surfing or banking when in public. i do not use anti-virus apps on my devices either. i just use common sense.

    keep in mind though rooting disables the os's safeguards which makes you a lot easier to get hacked or have some kind of malware installed on the device.
  6. Gandiflop

    Gandiflop Newbie

    I hadn't had any bother eather used android for 10yrs or so, but once it's all started it's just snowballed for me lol.
    It's all been done through my Google accounts & Google won't do any thing to help me lol
    Carbons os is apparently more secure that stock android, no tracking or Google services witch has to be a plus, but it could open other channels for hackers tbh I'm not sure!
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  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    yeah but if somehow an an app gets installed it will have immediate read and write permissions because your phone is rooted. this is a dangerous safe guard that has been removed so i'm just saying that rooted phones in general can be just as open to hackers then a non rooted phone, and you need to be careful.....that's all i'm saying.

    rooting and being on a custom rom will not prevent hackers from hacking phones.
  8. Gandiflop

    Gandiflop Newbie

    That's what a thought tbh, but I would remove Google services thus reducing the amount of data that's is collected buy the like of Google ext, nothing is free from a hacker if they got the skills & time the can get into any thing.
    But buy Useing a custom room u can remove most of the built in tracking & bloat whear the comes with the stock android witch will reduce the amount trackers & personal info Google collects & stores a bought us. Making a little bit harder for hackers to find out what they need, with the use of encrypted services & privecy brousers u should be a lot safer.
  9. Gandiflop

    Gandiflop Newbie

    Don't get me wrong I used to love Google chrome & Gmail services, every thing was so easy to sync & use on a one stop brouser.
  10. Gandiflop

    Gandiflop Newbie

  11. Knoone

    Knoone Lurker

  12. Knoone

    Knoone Lurker

    Everything you mention and then some from Nov. 2017 - Sept 30, 2020! No help from Google! Police refused on every occasion I brought then USBs, Trace logs & usually 4-6 devices I had slammed to the ground when I just couldn't take anymore...I brought them everything, but MI. state police VBC, BC, etc...If my life was not physically threatened then there was nothing they could do because they were all short staffed & had repriotised where they could utilize the manpower because of the many months of peaceful protesting! I have 3 laptops they never touched in almost 4 years at this point and I knew I knew Nothing about cell phones (hate the intrusion) But my first assc is in comp science...I enjoy computers! How is it every GD device I had in this time was only mine when they decided & laptops running 24/7 never touched? I disconnected batteries out of the last devices. Logged into my G. Activities on my HIPPA laptop at work and went through every day & everything saved! Nothing to show the websites I watched my own devices go to or showing all those apps flooding my devices were anyone's but mine.....It was all me & these pos knew just how bat shit crazy I would look if anyone ever did wanna help. I guess so...all I could do was laugh my ass off while their flooding my display with little laughing emojes pointing at me! This was around Sept 11.....I just shoved devices in my locker for the next 10 days I guess......and used work comp to make copies of every place I'd been for years on both G. Accounts and couldn't believe I'd been Google mapped for years giving anyone step by step directions right to the front door! I took a day pondering what I should do now and what kind of people do the shit that's been done! So I called all my son in laws & they grabbed a few of their friends and we drove exactly 4.8 miles from my house right up to the front door Google maps had those stop by step directions to!! It turned out the little geniuses who never touched my laptops knew how to terrorize with cloned cell phones, but didnt understand that like Master/slave HD, unless the original parameters were manually reset the Original will always be Master & any Clone automatically Slaved! Althiugh Identical in everyway and impossible to tell apart........no to files can have same name! Anyway....Not Another Peep Since! Id bet your clones are right in the devices with you......go through everything, every g. account, don't bother switching devices if you not switching everything...especially emails and any apps or browsers your logged into with any emails, etc. ....I bought a new device & switched everything.....except my name at phone company & my WI fi.....I had several devices cloned and hidden with apps like bat app, workplace, etc.. Many that I swear were sitting in repartitioned hard drives installed...LGs and I was told by one of their techs it was impossible...I hung up! I saw the partitions myself and won't debate! Use ur find my phone apps ...those types! It was twice I my location was in my house & in hamaltine MI. at same time, sane screen......look at your device in account.....carefully......you will see all yours! See any spaces between letters, maybe one digit off, etc.....they can't clone your device and control it without logging into your Google too or activities gives it away....so they will be there.


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