1. N

    How to view full game files

    So I downloaded an apk(1.09gb )and installed the game(7.35gb), when I go to view the files I am only able to view the base apk files (the files under 1.09gb) and I can't see the rest of the game files, is there any way to view the other 6.26gb worth of game files?
  2. J

    Weird System Message

    Hello, Phone: Galaxy Note 9 Android Version: 10 Software Version: N960USQU9FVG2 Kernel Version: 4.9.186 Rooted: No Carrier: Verizon Recently, my phone has randomly been displaying a weird system message in the bottom third of the screen. It is an Android system message bubble that just...
  3. R

    switch iphone to android

    Hi there, I've always been an iphone user and I currently own an iphone 11 but I would like to try an android smartphone so what device would you suggest to make this change? The budget would be around $1000 usd
  4. TheManWithTheGoldenGun

    I have with me a LG K9, the phone is locked on the LG logo and keep on it for a eternety. I tried to do a Hard Reset using the buttons, but when i sel

    I have with me a LG K9, the phone is locked on the LG logo and keep on it for a eternety. I tried to do a Hard Reset using the buttons, but when i select "Yes" to confirm the restoration the Android robot appears with the "No command" message, i presses all buttons but nothing happen, what i...
  5. virtualdesktopc

    Have anyone play GTA5 on cloud gaming

    Do you any experience with cloud gaming? I really want to test it? What do you think about the GTA5 on cloud gaming?
  6. D

    Apps Star Wars initial credits style Android Studio / Java

    Hi all! I've asked this very same in other forums but I had not luck. I want to create a TextView, TextField or similar with an effect in title mentioned. I am newbie programmer so this is being hard to me. I saw libraries such as CreditsRoll but are all so old and deprecated. I've tried...
  7. Six dots Software

    New SixDots game- ArmaRunner

    ArmaRunner is one special type of infinite runner game. Are you familiar with animals in a pub? Well, you'll soon be... As soon as you'll press the start button, a volcano erupts violently and spoils the fun of many animals. You are looking on a safe distance how animals try to evacuate the...
  8. L

    Can my charging port on my tablet be fixed? And my phone dying around 80-90 something percent

    It's currently on 1% I have it off. Long story short I missed up my charging port by constantly yucking it out . It still could charging but the charging wouldn't go all the way it just would go halve way enough for it to charge but I couldn't hold the tablet or the charging would drop out. I...
  9. A

    Help I did a factory restart to my F21 and it has been stuck on a strange icon screen for two days, what should I do?

    So I have an F21 that I had to reset to factory settings, but for some reason it's been stuck on this screen for two days, I think its operating system was deleted or something, but I can't try to fix it because it's impossible to access the files (even via PC). The model of the phone is F21...
  10. S

    Android App Integration with WordPress Website

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on an Android app project and I am looking for some advice on integrating it with a WordPress website. Specifically, I am wondering what tools or plugins are available to make this process as seamless as possible. Has anyone had experience with this before...
  11. S

    How to recover accidentally erased Camera folder from Samsung S21 Ultra - Data Recovery Android 12 / Root?

    Problem: My mum has an Android-based Samsung phone and unfortunately, when the main folder with photos ("Camera") was moved from the Phone to PC via USB cable, it was made using Cut and Paste. By accident the files were pasted into Recycle Bin and we received warning "Files will be permanently...
  12. R

    File named " .xxx_did " What is it and is it ok to remove it?

    Hi, I have a Galaxy A52 5G.... today i saw a file named as " .xxx_did " . i saw it when i was using whats app and when i was trying to share a document that was the first name appeared in the list.. couldn't find the file with the my file app, so i searched it using my Linux OS and the file was...
  13. R

    Highlights multiple dates in android calendar view

    Hi Friends, Please let me clarify the below general question. Ques: is it possible to highlights multiple dates in android native widget calendar view or in date picker control? if possible, please let me give the code snippets. Thank you. by Rajarajan
  14. L

    Payload dumper

    Hi all I'm trying to root my phone which was previously rooted and I'm having trouble with the payload dumper, this is the site I'm using to extract the boot.img It keeps...
  15. D

    [APP][FREE] RadioTime - Listen to Worldwide Radio Stations

    Looking for a radio streaming app that's easy to use and offers a wide range of features to enhance your listening experience? Check out RadioTime! Here are just a few of the features you'll love: - Over 35,000 stations from more than 200 countries around the world - Easy search function to...
  16. K

    Meaning of data fields given by Google Play Store for app download/install statistics

    I am downloading data from the Google Play Store console of my app download statistics. It has these fields: (1) Daily Device Installs, (2) Daily Device Uninstalls, (3) Total User Installs, (4) Daily User Installs, (5) Daily User Uninstalls, (6) Active Device Installs There seems to be no...
  17. C

    CashMint: Earn Money & Advertise

    Attention everyone! We are excited to announce that our new app, CashMint, is officially available for download on the Google Play Store! CashMint is the ultimate app for those who want to earn money or advertise their services. Whether you're looking to make some extra cash or promote your...
  18. D

    I need advice regarding android development

    Hello, I'm a web developer and I run several websites. Along with that, I had 3 developer accounts 200+ apps on google play store where I used webview feature of android and deploy apps on android play store. But suddenly, Google banned all my apps of one developer account because all apps had...
  19. D

    Need step by step instructions how to automatically add files to the APK in Android Studio

    I am trying to do this very trivial task, but I cannot find any complete instructions on how to do it. So far, I gathered that APK is just an archive that files can be added to using aapt add MyApp.apk file1 file2 ... Or the files must be added to the assets folder The APK must be less than...
  20. V

    Story how I've released app and nothing happened

    Hi folks! Pretty much the title... :) I've made another attempt to develop & release Android app because I'm curious if it's still possible to hit the jackpot and get piece of cake from the market. I can tell this is tough, as Google Play Store is flooded with apps and it's difficult to get...
  21. I

    Best mediation for iOS

    I have a game on iOS now that has about 7000 shows per day, does it make sense for me to use mediation and what kind?
  22. blfngl

    [Solved] Prevent TextView component from detecting touch

    SOLVED: The component was an EditText rather than TextView lul Hi there, some questions about preventing a component from detecting touch from users (like the title). I'm developing an app that has a background rendered with OpenGL that also has a few TextView components layered on top of them...
  23. L

    Rooting my OnePlus

    I have had my oneplus rooted previously by someone else. I accidentally updated my OnePlus Nord ce 2 lite 5g to android 13 without installing magisk to the inactive slot first so when my phone rebooted I had lost root although my bootloader was still unlocked. I've done some research on how to...
  24. A

    How to prevent apps/services from restarting once closed?

    On my old phone, I had powerful battery options to prevent apps from consuming battery in the background. On stock Android, however, the options seem to be more limited, which is why I use the "KillApps" app to get rid of these battery suckers. However, I have noticed that after several hours...
  25. Nightman_77

    My sim turns on and off automatically by showing syncing contacts by sim processor

    My sim turns on and off automatically by showing syncing contacts by sim processor i m using oukitel wp10 5g, android 10 . Often my mobile notification shows syncing contacts by sim processor in addition the sim get deactivated , and it had been continued for some times. So I can't got any calls...