1. P

    What are these notification icons?

    Someone sent me this screenshot asking what these icons are and I am stumped regarding some of them. I've reverse image searched them all to no avail.
  2. amp4ever

    Open A.I. to contribute to...

    Just throwing it out there.... I joined up with these folks to do my part, you are most needed too they need all the help they can get. It is open source and the vision is to create AI that the public is allowed to be involved with. Not tech controlled by a company or the rich. They are...
  3. R

    Help One plus 9 stuck in set up loop

    When I wipe my one plus 9 it comes up with a message saying "your device is enrolled in the android 12 developer preview program" which causes a red tint to appear on the screen with white text displaying various it's of information such as what process is running (e.g: The phone...
  4. D

    I can't access edit SD memory in different file browsers

    Hoy cambié mi memoria SD y cuando quiero editar archivos me pide permiso para la memoria SD desde el directorio raíz, sin embargo, me dice "esta carpeta no se puede usar" "para proteger su privacidad, elija otra carpeta"
  5. A

    Android device won't connect to WiFi

    Wifi suddenly dissapeared. Stuck in ''Searching for Wifi'' Won't detect my saved networks,won't connect with QR code. Already restarted. Airplane mode is off. Same problem in safe mode. Device is Moto g41 running Android 11. (couldn't find it on the list)
  6. cocotus

    Help I Forgot the name of an android game [Pls help]

    When I was a child in 2016, I played a game about Kung Fu. There was a character who resembled Bruce Lee and you could move him by swiping the screen. He was very flexible and you could make him do splits. In the game, you had to collect coins and there were different levels with different...
  7. 4

    Help Mobile hostpot name defaults and password randomises by itself

    I have a samsung galaxy fold 4. If I change the hostpot name and password to what I want it to be, it'll work fine for a couple of days. Then 1-3 days later it'll automatically default to "Galaxy Z Fold 4 xxxx" (Upper case and number combination of 4 characters)as name, and a random weak...
  8. E

    Display variables from check boxes on textview

    its pretty simple. i want some checkboxes and variable, and every checked checkbox increase the variable by 1. and the variable should display real-time on textView. pls Kotlin. (the image is the check boxes, and if 3 of them is checked, the 'text' textView should show the number 3). Thank you!
  9. L

    Help Need help flashing a VIVO Y20(v2027)

    Hi, I'm trying to flash a VIVO Y20 but I'm not sure what firmware to flashing program to use, Could someone please assist, Thank you:)
  10. kylabeardad

    Busybox....HELP PLEASE! What/why/how is it installed on my device without my knowledge or permission

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 ultra 5g through my phone provider 2 years ago. I recently downloaded the app 'Root Checker Pro' to check for security reasons. While the app's root verification process produced negative results. However, the app's secondary verification process produced a...
  11. E

    Help Been hacked

    Model: Optus X Pro 2 P652 Pro Topic: Security Certificates On my phone, I used to go to settings>security>encrypted...>trusted network security certificates Then if i disabled a certain certificate/s, (eg.Google) then all Google sites, apps, etc would instantly stop working & notifications pop...
  12. Michavz05

    Unable to turn off automatic switch to data

    I recently got my Motorola g200 but i think one of the later android versions came with a feature that automatically switches my internet to use mobile data whenever my wifi connection doesn't provide internet. I would really like to turn this off. Does anyone know how to? I'm on Android 12 and...
  13. B

    Help! a 20yo girl know if she should stay or go

    Hi! I recently broke up with my bf of 9-10 months and moved out due to the relationship being incredibly toxic and abusive. He came to me and said he’s getting into therapy and changing himself. Long story short he sent me a screenshot, trying to prove himself, that he wasn’t doing wrong but I...
  14. AdiA

    Help Screen flickers when I go to home

    When I go to home screen from any app, this happens: This is when I set all animations to 0.5 x, it'sore noticeable than 1x, but 1x still has that annoying animation, anyways I like to use 0.5 x. I've performed 2 factory resets already. Any tips?
  15. O

    I would like to root a binary phone 6

    Is it possible to root a cell phone model A107MUBU6? sorry if something is spelled wrong but i don't know english :(
  16. L

    Help Can I set my camera to an image? (Virtual webcam)

    I'm wondering if it's possible to set your camera input to an image? Like how with OBS you can use Virtual webcam to change what your camera shows. So when I'm taking a picture it shows the image instead of the actual camera. I'm using a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.
  17. T

    Help How do you disable 5G on a Galaxy A32

    Hello, this is my first post here. I cannot seem to figure out how to disable 5g on my samsung galaxy A32 with AT&T service. Where I live, if my phone connects to 5G mobile data I get zero service. I use my phone as a hotspot so this is problematic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. TheRealShrek420

    Help Can't connect to school Wi-Fi network

    I've recently purchased a new phone for myself, the TCL A30 (5102L). I took it to school for the first time today and discovered that doesn't detect the school's Wi-Fi. I've tried manually entering the network's SSID, and made sure that the router's standard worked with my phone (they do). I...
  19. L

    Help [FINISHED] Unlock bootloader failure.... What should I do now??

    I tried to unlock bootloader on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 using this (linked) guide online. However, when I installed a .zip using Safestrap recovery mode, and rebooted my phone, my phone said it could not start because there was a kernel error. I saw that the developers had been talking...
  20. M


    Please help. My husband thinks his phone has been hacked or it's under an MDM of some kind. I need help reading log files & really just help to figure out if he's been hacked, by who, what MDM if there is one & how to fix it. If it's something else or something wrong with the phone if someone...
  21. L

    Users android app

    Hey guys i just started some project but i am bugged with something and pls im new to this sorry if its a stupid question. If i publosh my app ext where do i manage the people using my app like where is login info saved and like if you have a dishonest user to ban him or delete his profile. What...
  22. W

    "Not enough information to infer type variable T" android studio error

    I'm following a series of kotlin based tutorials on youtube for android studio jetpack compose, but now android studio is giving me the error "Not enough information to infer type variable T" for keyframes, while everything is exactly copied from the tutorial video, what am i doing wrong? class...
  23. H

    Help How do I use a custom ROM I have on Android Studio's Emulator?

    So I have a custom ROM I wanna emulate Here is the file structure of the zip containing the rom: system (DIR) patch (DIR) META-INF (DIR) boot.img applypatch How can I use this is the emulator?
  24. L

    Help Google Play System Update stuck at 2021 may 1

    I have been struggling to update this in the recent months in my stock Android 11 - Unihertz Atom L device. I tried to clear cache and app data for Google Play Store, Google Play Services, finally I tried to factory reset the whole device, but no luck. I can't update it manually. It says it's up...
  25. H

    Help Stupid bell noise

    I was playing games on my phone (Galaxy A10) when all of a sudden I get this stupid bell noise that started playing. I researched a bit about it on the web and thought I was experiencing the ''Postman's'' Notification sounds. However, after I finished the steps to get rid of the sounds, THEY...