Facebook friends not showing up when I try to link... help please?

I am having trouble linking my Facebook contacts... I upgraded to 2.0 today and when I attempt to search for and link a Facebook profile to the phonebook entry, it tells me "no matches found." I've tried reSyncing and restarting, and nothing helps. Can anyone offer some sage advice? I'm at a total loss here. Thanks in advance.


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1. you upgraded 2.1 actually.

2. are you having success with all of the contacts you're trying to link? or just a few specific ones?

Often, it won't be able to find them if the names are different.


My Girlfriends Eris is having the same issue. I can not seem to figure it out either. I have yet to get the OTA myself.

About half way down her phone contacts it just stopped syncing with FB. When I went in to link profiles manually, the friends names who we know are friends with her, were not listed at all.


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Make sure you setup a sync for Facebook for HTC Sense...Settings>Accounts&Syncs....also make sure you sync contacts...if you've done that you may have to reset your sync and re-add the Facebook...

Once you've synced contacts open up people app and pictures should start to trickle in one by one...I recommend letting it sit for several minutes and then you should be good...also try searching the forums, there are several posts about this around....


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Thank you for all of the help. Pictures have started to trickle in, but I'm still showing no matches in my Facebook contacts. All in due time, I suppose.


I also found that having their primary email set to the email they have displayed on Facebook helps, too. I had a few emails for a coworker and this set up the sync automatically.