FB contacts in my phonebook


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Im not sure what i did to cause this, but after syncing my phone today, I got my facebook friends' phone numbers added to my contacts. I went into the settings to delete the FB account on my phone, yet the people are still there. at first I thought it was kinda cool to have them all there, but its really a PITA. anyone know how to get rid of them from my contacts?


You can make it so the facebook doesn't show. Go into people and when under all contacts hit menu and than view and you can select what is shown. Under the accounts and sync there is a facebook option to sync contacts but I am not sure if that will disable any linked contacts.


I'm gonna use your thread to post a FB contacts on my phone issue too! :p Hope you don't mind :) I posted this under the 2.1 Issues thread too.

Another issue with my contacts is linking them to their Facebook profiles. When I did that on 1.5, it was pretty awesome. If a person whom I didn't have a pic for calls me, their Facebook profile picture shows up. Now, lets say I have a friend, John, and his phone number is 123-456-7890. However, on Facebook, John has his number as 1-800-JOHN-IS-A-PLAYA as a joke, guess what happens when you link his Facebook profile to the contact? His number on MY PHONE changes from the legitimate 123-456-7890 to 1-800-JOHN-IS-A-PLAYA. Yup, that's right, I do get his Facebook profile picture, but I also get his fake number too. And what's worse is if a person doesn't have their number on Facebook, and I link them to my contacts, it removes their phone number.

Is there a way to link them without the FACEBOOK NUMBER replacing the phone number I already have on the phone?